Home, Décor: Tips for Converting Your Home into an Open Concept

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Converting your home into an open concept creates a space that presents a welcome and inviting atmosphere. The common area rooms will no longer have walls dividing them, making the home appear brighter and more vibrant.

Transitioning a home into an open concept floor plan goes a little beyond tearing down walls and removing a few doors. It also requires changing the interior design of the home.

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Make a Full Assessment of Your Home

Don’t just jump into this project without making a full assessment first. This might require looking back at the original floor plans or remembering all the original special qualities the home possesses. Making a full assessment can help the contractors preserve the most precious areas.

Have a structural engineer come out so they can assess the current layout and structural integrity. From their findings, they can come up with a concept that suits your taste while maintaining the home’s structural integrity.

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Decide Which Rooms To Start With

There is no need to convert all the rooms at once. It’s best to look at each room and decide on one to start the renovations. The kitchen and living room are popular choices because homeowners spend a lot of time in these areas.

If the walls in the kitchen and the living room are not load bearing, contractors can easily demolish them with a sledgehammer. However, load-bearing walls must be replaced with beams to continue supporting the home properly.

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Consider Changing out the Furniture

Creating an open-concept home requires more than tearing down a few walls and adding more windows and glass doors. Dark colors and too many oversized pieces can make homes look congested. Consider changing out the furniture for a more transitional style interior design.

Transitional interior design creates a more modern look and feel. Lighter-toned pieces blend well with the natural lighting. The change in furniture also creates more room to frequently change and add on to certain areas.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

A home can benefit from an open concept and its disadvantages. On the one hand, open interior spaces can make a home look larger than it actually is. Converting the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one big space helps to strengthen family dynamics. It will seem like everyone is hanging out together even if they are in separate areas.

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An open-concept home also means less privacy and can become disruptive at times. Weigh the pros and cons and decide what’s a necessity and what’s a luxury. Making a pros and cons list can help strategize the design plans too.

After taking these tips into consideration, converting your home into an open-concept design should be effortlessly.

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