Warhol Lives Book Review – A Must Have for Art Collectors

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Warhol Lives, 2022 Print Market Report, a collector's guide to the expected increase in value of Warhol prints, while providing readers a quick view of the author's enigmatic life, he early years and his rise in popularity.

The compact softcover report, authored by Ron Rivlin, of the Revolver Gallery located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California, is the first and only comprehensive review of its kind and provides an invaluable resource for collector's to better understand Warhol's longevity in the global art market.

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Divided into five parts, "The Life of Andy Warhol," "Multiple Multiples," "Warhol on Your Wall," "The Andy Warhol Art Market," "Andy's Undying Legacy." Within each of the sections are critical information to art connoisseurs such as "Warhol Print Market Pricing," "Prints to Watch," and "Warhol's Print Portfolio Performance."

The report chronologically provides readers with an overview of the important details in Warhol's life. Each of the sections includes a timeline of important dates, superimposed over recreations of his most widely known works.

Within the 119 pages, Rivlin, an art collector and Warhol expert, presents a compressed review of Warhol's performance in the art market over the past decade. Revolver Gallery is the only art gallery in the world with a one-artist program focused on the life and work of Andy Warhol.

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Unpacked In the 2022 Warhol Print Market Report are critical facts surrounding the purchase of a Warhol as an investment. With the recent astronomical performance by Warhol's Blue Marilyn which achieved a record $195mm in under four minutes of bidding, these two prints, Queen Elizabeth II and Rock Superstar Rick Jagger, are predicted to set similar records.

The first Queen Elizabeth II, for several reasons, including the Queen's age, as well as the low number of prints, which include "thirty with diamond dust, forty without, ten artist proofs, five printer proofs, and three H'ors Commerce. The complete set of sixteen reigning Queens has sold only six times in twenty years. The expectation is that as succession nears the collection will be in high demand."

The second print expected to appreciate is rock royalty and superstar Mick Jagger. Primary reasons for the anticipated rise in value include signatures of authenticity. "Both Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol signed each of the 3,030 prints, making it the only series signed by both subject and artist in its entirety." Additionally, "on a 450,000 high estimate a complete portfolio of screen-prints sold in June 2020 for $875,000."

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With more than 15 dedicated pages to exhibition prints of Andy Warhol's work, the report also makes projections about Warhol prints to watch in the next five years, the long-term shift in Warhol collector demographics, and trends in the art world that affect the market.

Ron Rivlin is a Canadian entrepreneur and seasoned art dealer from Los Angeles, California. After making a name for himself in the music industry, promoting concerts and eventually starting a talent agency, Rivlin established Revolver Gallery in Beverly Hills in 2012 with the goal of owning as many Warhol's as possible. The gallery has since become the go-to place for Warhol collectors and fans, now located in West Hollywood. It is the only art gallery that specializes in Andy Warhol's work, and the largest gallery-owned collection of Warhol's in the world.

In 2015, Revolver brought three public exhibitions to Canada, consecutively breaking records for the largest exhibition of Warhol's work to ever take place in the country. Two years later, Revolver launched Andy Warhol: Revisited | Thirty Years Later in Los Angeles, running from February to August of 2017. The event, which was free to the public, showed over 200 Warhol's in rotation, and marked the first time the artist's Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was ever exhibited in public.

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Revolver is dedicated to the promotion and education of Andy Warhol and his Pop Art through public outreach, strategic partnerships with leading art institutions, international exhibitions, and various contributions to the Warhol subculture, such as the print market report. The 2022 Warhol Print Market report is a must have for Warhol super fans and anyone who is serious about collecting the artist's prints.

Warhol Lives: 2022 Print Market Report is available on Amazon. It is a must for serious modern art collectors, and for anyone with an interest in pop culture, the history surrounding the explosion of the modern art and the making of an icon.

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