Accessories: The Most Important Questions to Ask a Jeweler

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Working with a custom jeweler can be intimidating if shoppers aren’t sure which questions are important, here are a few tips to customers so they will feel confident knowing the questions to ask a jeweler during consultations.


Jewelers can be a valuable resource to consult when browsing for fine jewelry, gemstones, and that perfect engagement ring. For first time shoppers, building a trust bond will become unbreakable for future purchases.

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What is The Jewelers Certification?

When speaking to a jeweler about buying new jewelry or repairs, always ask to see their credentials to ensure they’re professionally trained and experienced. Certifications can be awarded from the Gemological Institute of America, the American Gem Society, and the Jewelers of America. These certifications indicate that jewelers are knowledgeable about products and are qualified for repairing a wide variety of jewelry.

Does This Jewelry have a Grading Report?

If customers are shopping for diamond jewelry, it’s essential to always inquire about stone documentation to assess a diamond’s quality and price. Many diamonds come with a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America, which details the overview of a diamond’s makeup and quality, including cut, clarity, carat, and color.

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These reports are imperative to review for proof of appraisal and background information on where a diamond was found or created. Synthetic diamonds will have documentation to track their chemical composition and crystal structure from lab reports, whereas natural diamonds will state how they were found and collected. If customers are unsure what a lab-grown diamond is or how it differs in quality or price compared to natural diamonds, grading reports will help answer these questions.

Is This Jewelry Customizable?

Whether buying jewelry for friends, family, or personal enjoyment, it’s best to gauge how flexible jewelers are to give the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Although it may seem less pertinent to ask, checking for customizable jewelry is an important question to ask a jeweler.

Three Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry

Inquire about customizable jewelry to elevate simple and classic looks or add a personal flair for relationship gifts. Creating modified jewelry with a jeweler will present an opportunity to work closely with them, as well as gaining further trust and knowledge you can apply for future jewelry purchases.

Jewelers are an invaluable resource to offer knowledgeable background and guidance on finding the best jewelry to fit personal styles and needs.

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While consultations with jewelers may be intimidating or overwhelming, these questions will open crucial conversations to ensure the best quality jewelry is sold at the best price. More importantly, customers will be one step closer to finding a consistent jeweler they can trust for all their jewelry inquiries.

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