World News: Brexit And Life Goes On. . .

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The final departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union does not seem to have upset the other member countries, all aware of the strengths and advantages of the Union despite its shortcomings.

Now It Is Now Acquired and Official!

The United Kingdom left the European Union on January 31st. And with this departure, comes the time for a first assessment after Almost four years of procrastination, hopes, doubts, setbacks, suspense and twists and turns during which all the destinies of the Union have been predicted: Disappearance , strengthening, weakening, dismemberment, loss of new states ... A real Greek tragedy in the shadow of the hubrys of ambitious men!

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However, it must be noted that the departure from the United Kingdom was carried out with relative indifference on the continent because many Europeans had long since endorsed the departure of the Albion to the point of having definitively moved on to something else and that, apart from London, no other European capital has expressed any intention of leaving.

Pragmatism, Avatar and Reason

There are many reasons for this indifference and the absence of new starting processes. The first is certainly the length of Brexit which ended up boring Europeans aware, over the months, that the exit from the United Kingdom would in no way shake up either the foundations of the Union or the Euro zone since now three Europeans out of four use the single currency.

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The second is pragmatic. Some, notably among Eurosceptics and populist parties, who regularly overwhelm the European Union with all evils, accusing it of restraining states and their sovereignty, of regulating more than it releases the energies and the Men who it all have integrated the idea that the Union, which is certainly the bearer of structural imperfections and imperatives, is also strong in rare and today precious qualities.

Its diplomatic and political stability, its democratic environment which is one of the essential bases of its founding texts, its financial generosity via regularly allocated European funds, its monetary and economic balance, often criticized but generally buoyant despite recent occasional difficulties, all remain very appreciated by Europeans who thus saw Brexit more in the light of an avatar, or even an incident along the way than as a disaster capable of shaking the foundations of the Union. European reason and spirit seem to have spoken thus sending London back to its choices.

Customs and Integration

In France alone, the founding country, the challenge to the pension reform and the spread of the corona virus in China (associated with the potential risks on the territory) have concerned authorities and the population more than the exit from the United Kingdom. for irremediable.

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Consequently, in the aftermath of January 31, when questions of an essentially customs nature arise with the United Kingdom, few continental Europeans feel moved or upset by the departure from London from the Union, so much during the latter forty-seven years of membership has made its difference, clearly refusing to be fully integrated into the principles governing the economic community, then the single market and finally the European Union.

And today there is regret, not necessarily that of seeing the United Kingdom leave political Europe but that of not having known, too, perhaps developing an environment that would have encouraged the British and Northern Irish to stay within of the Union. But that's another story.

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