LUXE Sunset Boulevard and YogaWorks Partner to Assist Travelers Maintain Zen

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A recent survey conducted by the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in partnership with YogaWorks, a leading provider of yoga and fitness programs, revealed that many business travelers are saying “Argh” instead of “Om” when attempting to keep up with their fitness routines while on work trips.


In a nationwide survey of over 800 business travelers, as much as 44% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with exercising and practicing yoga while on the road.  Of the unsatisfied business travelers, 32% cited lack of time for exercise when traveling, while 19% pointed to not having enough space in their hotel rooms, 15% said the culprit was insufficient hotel amenities, and 26% said they preferred to workout with an instructor.

Additionally, the survey noted that more than eight out of 10 (84%) of all business travel respondents are seeking hotels with workout accommodations, citing available fitness amenities as a key factor in choosing a hotel for business travel.

“Whatever the reason cited, whether time, space, or lack of other hotel amenities, it is clear that most business travelers are not able to maintain their workout routines while on the road,” said Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel owner, Efrem Harkham.  “Exercise has become a part of most people’s daily routine and they prefer not to break the fitness cycle while traveling. Considering that a fitness routine can be a factor in alleviating the stress and anxiety that often goes hand-in-hand with business travel, hotel guests should expect to have access to the amenities and services needed to keep up with a fitness routine that keeps minds and bodies in shape, and ready for the everyday challenges of a fast-paced business world. ”  

In particular, the business travelers surveyed were also very clear that it takes more than just working out to feel healthy on the road.  

More than 68% indicated that business travel has a negative effect on their health, with many noting that varying efforts taken, beyond exercising, to improve or even maintain their health. Moreover, 42% of the respondents cited that special attention to diets and fluid intake, and allowing enough time for sleep and meditating are equally important, while traveling.

“Exercising and practicing yoga can help a business traveler maintain routine and balance as well as reduce stress on the road,” said YogaWorks CEO Phil Swain.   “It is interesting to see that despite the growing interest in yoga, business women and men alike are stating that it’s often difficult to find the proper amenities needed for practicing yoga when traveling.”

However, the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is now saying “Namaste” to its hotel guests. In an effort to help traveling yoga practitioners, the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel partnered with Southern California-based YogaWorks to offer complimentary in-room yoga mats and access to YogaWork’s website, as well as complimentary yoga classes at any of the nearby 30 YogaWorks premiere studios.

Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, located where Bel Air meets Brentwood, the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel offers guests a quiet urban enclave striking distance from the famed Getty Center, Bel Air, Hollywood and Southern California beaches. 

The property’s seven-acre spread serves as an ideal "home base" for those wishing to partake in the quintessential Los Angeles experience, while its 162 guestrooms and suites boast spacious layouts, up to 45% larger than the national average for standard accommodations. 

The first of two Luxe branded hotels corporately owned by veteran hotelier Efrem Harkham, the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is hallmarked by personalized service to the individual needs of each guest.

To maintain the LUXE experience after visiting follow us on Twitter @LuxeSunsetHotel and “Like” us on Facebook at reservations

YogaWorks is the leading provider of progressive and quality yoga and mindful fitness programs in the US, with locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Northern California and New York. Delivering innovative classes that promotes total physical and emotional well-being YogaWorks caters to students of all levels and ages to deeply, positively transform lives.  

YogaWorks launched online yoga classes in 2013.  MyYogaWorks offers over 500 online yoga classes featuring the same expert teachers from YogaWorks premiere studios.  

YogaWorks is also an international yoga teaching school, cultivating the richest yoga talent around the globe and setting the gold standard for teaching training.

For more information on YogaWorks, visit  

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