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Seventh Annual 2014 Bel-Air Film Festival Presented by A2E Family Partnership Announces Winners

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October 19th, 2014- (LOS ANGELES)- The 2014 Seventh Annual Bel-Air Film Festival Presented by the A2E Family Partnership was held October 7th-12ththroughout Los Angeles. Opening night of the festival was held at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, hosted by actress Christina Collard which included an honoree ceremony, the official Los Angeles Premiere for JUST BEFORE I GO, directed by Courtney Cox, followed by an after party. 


Emily Ferry (MEMOIRS OF GEISHA, MATILDA, GATTACA, ED WOOD, and HOW THE GRINCH STIOLE CHRISTMAS), thefirst woman to be an I.A.T.S.E. Property Master in Hollywood was honored with the festival's, Leadership in Cinema Award.Melanie Griffith presented, her Mother, Tippi Hedren with the festival's, Lifetime Achievement Award, where she will be recognized for her for dedication and career in film.

Hedren, known for her role as an American actress, fashion model and animal rights activist, stars in the Bel-Air Film Festival's Los Angeles Premiere documentary of HAPPY HANDS.The rest of the festival was held at private venues, and a closing ceremony on Sunday, October 12th was held at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club hosted by Jill-Michele Melean (MAD TV).

“I am thrilled with the turnout of this year's festival and all of the incredible films which were showcased throughout our event. All of the films displayed in the lineup were from incredible filmmakers from around the globe. This year's event was our best year yet, and I could not be happier with the overall response of films and special events,” Melody Storm, President, Bel-Air Film Festival.

Winners Include

Best Audience Feature Film Award


Written by Juan Gallego and Directed by Stuart Acher

Best Audience Documentary Film Award


Written and Directed by Honey Lauren

Best Audience Short Film Award


Written and Directed by James Everett

Best Audience Student Short Film


Written and Directed by Ryan Leeder

Best Audience Feature Film 2nd Runner Up

Adios Vaya Condios

Written by Zachary Laotides, Directed by La Raza

Best Jury Feature Film Award


Written and Directed by Jason Buxton

Best Jury Feature Film Directing


Written and Directed by Alex Bey

Best Jury Feature Film Lead Actor


Written and Directed by Jason Buxton

Best Jury Feature Film Lead Actress


Written and Directed by Alex Bey

Best Jury Feature Film Editing


Written and Directed by Alex Bey

Best Jury Feature Film Screenwriting


Written and Directed by Jason Buxton

Best Jury Documentary Film


Written and Directed by Patricia Perez

Best Jury Documentary Film Cinematography


Written and Directed by Marcy Cravat

Best Jury Documentary Film Editing


Written and Directed by Patricia Perez

A2E Family Partnership Mission Statement:A2E was formed in 2004 to encourage and support the performing arts, education and sciences. From these fields, the organization selects both innovative projects and established works of excellence to promote for public inspiration.

Bel-Air Film Festival Mission Statement:

The Bel Air Film Festival is an annual film festival held throughout greater Los Angeles to promote the appreciation and knowledge of film. The festival strives to recognize top industry leaders, and fosters the development of up-and-coming filmmakers and their craft. 

For more information please visit www.belairfilmfestival.com.


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