President Carter Reveals Brain Cancer; Teaches Sunday Message to Standing Room Crowd

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Former President of the United States, James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr., has announced he has been diagnosed with cancer that has spread to his brain, the 39th President has undergone radiation and other traditional forms of cancer treatment.

Carter, a devout born again Christian delivered the Sunday message and taught a regular morning teaching at Maranatha Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia, his home church. This was his 689th opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through simple truths and teaching.

When it was announced the former president would be delivering the Sunday message many, including members of the media, made plans to attend the Sunday mornings services to  hear the words, this recently cancer diagnosed former president would say. Long lines formed hours in advance of the churches opening. He with a gentle humor, led those in attendance beyond the daunting diagnosis to the truth and foundation of his sustenance.


Carter held the Presidential office from 1977-1981, in which he experienced extremes successful and dismal failures. A global energy crisis, the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown, the soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the single most traumatizing event of Carter’s tenure as President would be the hostage crisis in Iran brought on as Islamic militants stormed the American embassy, taking over the building and blindfolding the hostages while parading them for the world to see. They were held for 444 days November 1979 through January 20, 1981. Attempts to rescue the hostages ended with an accident that killed eight Americans.

President Carter suffered a series of setbacks in his presidency. Administration before President Carter’s are as much at fault, as policies for decades became the rule and worked smoothly, a false sense of comfort and as the global shift by other governments eroded the relationships those once solid polices eroded.

President Jimmy Carter and Roslyn, his wife of 69 years, went home to Georgia, his agriculture interests had been severely mismanaged by those whom he entrusted his former peanut farm to govern leaving his more than one million dollars in debt.

Carter, always a humanitarian, began working with Habitat for Humanity. He established The Carter Center to advance human rights and alleviate human suffering in 1982. He is widely considered to be more successful both as statesman and humanitarian, post presidency than during his time as President.

He has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown. He is one of four living past presidents, along with George W.H. Bush, George W. Bush and William J. Clinton.

August 2015, at 90, Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with Cancer of the liver and brain. He is undergoing treatment at Emory University Hospital.


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