Money News: World Markets Close Up as Bull Market Continues

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The DOW Jones Industrial, along with the NASDAQ and S&P 500, continued to maintain a steady bull run as did the top ten most watched markets in the world, all of which despite slow starts and mirror runs, closed up.

The DOW opened Monday at 17,525.11, the week low. Trading remained steady throughout the day Monday and with a small dip at Tuesday’s opening the DOW remained hovering near opening numbers. The DOW continued it mild market swing and by close Wednesday, that DOW had only seen a 17 point gain.

Rescued by a Thursday morning opening bounce, the DOW jumped 160 points continuing to gain strength throughout the day. By close the DOW had increased 338 points from Monday’s opening.

The DOW continued to gain strength Friday and by 2:30pm Friday afternoon the DOW hit the week high of 17,647.44.  A minor decline brought the close to 17, 646.70 less the one point below the week high.

The DOW ended the trading week up with double digits gains at 17,646.70 (+157.54/+0.90%). Opening at 17, 525.11. The DOW held a day range of 17,525.11-to-17,679.37.

Gainers include Microsoft Corp (+5.21/+10.85%) with a closing price of $53.25 per share, Apple Inc closing up at $119.09 per share for a gain of (+3.61/+3.12%),  American Express Co (+2.12/+2.92%) with a closing price of $74.60 per share, and Procter & Gamble Co closing up at $77.03 per share for a gain of (+2.18/+2.91%).

Losers for the week include Nike Inc closing down at $130.56 per share for a loss of (-1.82/-1.37%), Wal-Mart Stores Inc closing down at $58.23 with a loss of (-0.67/-1.14%), Coco-Cola Co (-0.45/-1.04%) with a closing price of $42.79 and Chevron Corp (-0.38/-0.41%) with a closing price of $91.23.

Active for the week included Microsoft Corp in heavy trading moved 119.32M shares closing up at $53.25 per share with a gain of (+10.85%), General Electric Co in heavy trading moved 76.64M shares closing down at $29.51 per share with a loss of (-0.24%), Apple Inc, in medium trading moved 52.07M shares, to close up at $119.09 per share with a gain of (+3.12%), Intel Corp in steady trading moved 36.62M shares, closing up at $34.89 per share for a gain of (+1.42%).

The NASDAQ closed up at 5,031.86 for a gain of (+111.81/+2.27%).

The S&P 500 also closed up at 2,075.15 for a gain of (+22.64/+1.10%).

World Markets

The ten most watched world markets closed the trading week, across the board, up. The DOW Jones Industrial, S&P500 and the NASDAQ all closed up.

The Americas Markets, including both Mexico’s IPC and Canada's S&P TSX Composite closed up.

Central Europe’s London's FTSE 100 and the CAC 40 of France and Germany's DAX all closed up.

Asian Markets, on the world stage, also enjoyed the bull markets. Japan’s highly traded Nikkei 225 closed up. The Shanghai Composite and Hong Kong Hang Seng and the SENEX of India all closed up.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225 opened the trading week up (18,435.87) and after a week of strong rallies and sharp declines managed to end the week with solid triples digit gains.

Opening Monday, the Nikkei began with a small run quickly turning into a sharp decline and closed the trading day falling nearly 180 points.

Mirroring the U.S. markets, the Nikkei managed to hover near opening numbers through close of Tuesday. Wednesday’s opening saw the Nikkei bounce to 18,358.17 where it continued to rally and maintained a strong steady rally until Thursday afternoon when it experienced a slight dip. The fall did not stop the momentum and The Nikkei came back and with a nearly 400 point Friday opening bounce.

By 12:45pm Friday the Nikkei reached the week high at 18, 915.06. Shifts in the market, throughout the afternoon, saw minimal losses and the Nikkei fell slightly closing the trading week up.

The Nikkei closed the trading week up at 18, 825.30 with triple digit gains of (+389.43/+2.11%). 

Gainers for the week include Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd (+32.00/+5.64%), Toho Zinc Co Ltd (+17.00/+5.15%), Taiyo Yuden Co Ltd (+80.00/+4.89%), Japan Tobacco Inc (+184.00/+4.49%).

Losers include Kuraray Co Ltd (-61.00/-3.99%), Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (-65.00/-1.69%), Nippon Soda Co Ltd (-10.00/-1.06%) and Ube Industries Ltd (-2.00/-0.81%).

Active on the Nikkei include Mizuho Financial Group Inc, in 44 straight weeks of strong trading, moving 165.76M shares to close up at ¥248.70 for a gain of (+2.05%), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc in medium trading moved 61.74M shares to close up at ¥786.80 for a gain of (+2.41%), Unitika Ltd in medium trading, moved 46.67M shares to close up at ¥63.00 for a gain of (+3.28%), Nomura Holdings Inc in strong trading moved 32.08M to close up at ¥783.40 for a gain (+3.90%).

FTSE 100

London Markets began the week up, opening Monday at 6,376.28 and immediately began a slow decline that continued, following a rally/decline pattern through Wednesday.

Wednesday’s opening of 6,331.79 was followed by a strong rally that jumped the FTSE 50 points by 11:15am. Although it was followed by a declines it jumpstarted the weekend rally.

Thursday’s opening saw no bounce and the FTSE, mirrored the global markets and began a weekend rally that peaked on Friday morning at 6,484.42 before a quick decline and sharp rally and a small decline to close the week with solid double digit gains.  

Friday’s high of 6484.42, the week high and with only a mild decline, the FTSE managed to close the trading week up with double digit gains.

The London Markets closed up at 6,444.08 with double digits gains of (+67.80/+1.06%).

Gainers in the FTSE 100 include Travis Perkins PLC (+94.00/+5.09%), Shire PLC (195.00/+4.39%), Aberdeen Asset Management PLC (+14.80/+4.39%), WPP PLC (+59.00/+4.16%).

Losers include Pearson PLC (-49.50/-5.21%), BG Group PLC (-24.50/-2.26%), Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) PLC (-29.00/-1.62%), and Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) PLC (-28.50/-1.58%).

Active on the FTSE 100 included Lloyds Banking Group PLC moving 106.95M shares in strong trading, closed up at €77.57 for a gain of (+1.09%), Glencore PLC, in strong trading, moved 85.37M shares to close up at €119.30 per share for a gain of (+1.88%), Vodafone Group PLC in medium trading moved 36.31M shares to close up at €218.00 for a gain of (+1.35%), Barclays PLC, in light trading moved 24.25M shares to close up at €251.00 per share for a gain of (+0.14%).

Hang Seng Index 

The Hang Seng Index opened the trading week down (23,085.61) and immediately fell sharply with an immediate bounce and ended at the close of day Monday with a 10 point loss.

Tuesday opened low and the Hang Seng remained in a small rally/immediate decline throughout the first three days of the trading week. Thursday’s opening saw a significant decline falling to 22,747.16, the week low, and the Hang Seng barely managed to close up at 22, 845.37.

Friday morning saw a significant bounce at 23,177.08 gaining 331.71 points. Friday small settling in the market resulting in a mild decline and the Hang Seng was able to sustain through the adjustment and closed the week up.

The Hang Seng ended the trading week up with triple digit gains.

The Hang Seng closed up at 23,151.94 with triple digit gain of (+306.57/+1.34%).

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd (+0.48/+3.26%), AIA Group Ltd (+1.45/+3.19%), Hang Lung Properties Ltd (+0.58/+3.00%), China Petroleum & Chemical Corp Ltd (+0.16/+2.85%).

Losers for the week include Belle International Holdings Ltd (-0.14/-1.94%), China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd (-0.13/-1.31%), Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (-0.25/-0.92%), China Resources Enterprises Ltd (-0.04/-0.27%).

Active trading on the Hang Seng Hong Kong Index includes Bank of China Ltd, in strong trading, moved 253.34M shares to close up at HK$3.82 (+0.79%), China Construction Bank Corp, in heavy trading moved 235.24M shares to close up at HK$5.86 (+1.21%), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, in heavy trading, moved 166.68M shares to close up at HK$5.14 (+1.18%), China Petroleum & Chemical Corp in medium trading moved 100.96M shares to close up HK$5.77 (+2.85%).

Source: Bing Finance

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