Money News: Wall Street, World Markets Fall as Bear Returns

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The DOW Jones Industrial Average, struggled to get up under the heavy losses that refused to let up as this second Monday of fighting off the bear was met with a slow steady uncontrollable decline and finally the week was over, closed for the holiday weekend.

The Monday investors experienced a second straight week of tumultuous pitching as the bear continued to take heavy swipes slicing segments of gains from solid market growth as the Dow lost more than 400 points on Monday alone.

The DOW pitched violently on Tuesday dropping to 16,018.20, not as low as the previous week’s 15,666. 44, which was also the week’s low. As the market opened Wednesday, the DOW began to climb with a steady rally, as the week neared the end and the beginning of a long holiday weekend, the DOW declined steadily and by closing bell Friday had fallen nearly 300 points.

The DOW ended the trading week down with triple digits losses at 16,102.38 (-272.38/-1.66%). Opening at 16,371.76 the DOW held a day range of 16,026.61-to-16,371.76.

Gainers include MannKind Corp, closing up at $3.89 for a gain of (+0.20/+5.28%)  ARIAD Pharmaceuticals Inc (+0.40/+5.28%) with a closing price of $7.97 per share, Diodes Inc (+1.09/+5.00%) with a closing price of $22.90 per share, and Amicus Therapeutics Inc closing up at $15.53 per share for a gain of (+0.64/+4.30%).

Losers for the week include VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX ST ETN closing down at $22.75 per share for a loss of (-1.78/-7.26%), Inc closing down at $22.81 with a loss of (-1.60/-6.55%), WisedomTree Investments Inc (-0.96/-5.34%) with a closing price of $17.02 and iKang Healthcare Group Inc (-0.77/-4.96%) with a closing price of $14.74.

Active for the week included Apple Inc, in heavy trading moved 50.00M shares, to close down at $109.27 per share with a loss of (-1.00%), VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX ST ETN in medium trading moved 42.96M shares closing down at $22.75 per share with a loss of (-7.26%), Microsoft Corp in medium trading moved 37.14M shares closing down at $42.61 per share with a loss of (-2.05%), Micron Technology Inc in steady trading moved 32.42M shares, closing up at $16.82 per share for a gain of (+1.39%).

The NASDAQ closed down at 4,683.92 for a loss of (-49.58/-1.05%).

The S&P 500 also closed down at 1,921.22 for a loss of (-29.91/-1.53%).

World Markets

The ten most watched world markets closed the trading week down. The DOW Jones Industrial and Mexico’s IPC closed down with NASDAQ, S&P500 and Canada's S&P TSX Composite closed down.

Central Europe’s London's FTSE 100 and the CAC 40 of France closed up with Germany's DAX closing down, the SENEX of India and Hong Kong Hang Seng closing down and Japan’s highly traded Nikkei 225 and the Shanghai Composite also closed down.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225 began the trading week at the week high (18,312.13) and began a steady decline with residual and reactionary pitching from the continued mauling experienced at the DOW Jones Industrial Average.

By mid-day Tuesday, after a slow steady decline, the Nikkei dropped nearly 200 points, that continued throughout the remainder of the week and through the closing bell Friday.  

The Nikkei 225, still in a weekly gain/loss pitch, fell this closing the week down with heavy triple digit losses.

The Nikkei closed the trading week down at 17,792.16 with triple digit losses of (-390.23/-2.15%). 

Gainers for the week include Shizuoka Bank Ltd (+39.00/+3.22%), Oji Holdings Corp (+10.00/+1.89%), Obayashi Corp (+18.00/+1.75%), Nippon Express Co Inc (+8.00/+1.42%).

Losers include Minebea Co Ltd (-91.00/-6.01), Pioneer Corporation (-13.00/-5.65%), Shiseido Co Ltd (-137.00/-5.43%) and NGK Insulators Ltd (-116.00/-4.44%).

Active on the Nikkei include Mizuho Financial Group Inc, in 37 straight weeks of strong trading, moving 213.16M shares to close down at ¥233.20 for a loss of (-2.10%), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc in medium trading, moved 75.06M shares to close up at ¥737.20 for a gain of (-3.17%), Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc in strong trading moved 49.02M to close up at ¥781.00 for a gain (+0.13%), Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp in mild trading moved 47.73M shares to close down at ¥236.00 for a loss of (-0.55%).

FTSE 100

London Markets began the week experiencing a rally that saw the week high by Monday’s closing bell. Tuesday was matched by a sharp, sliding decline that continued in Wednesday. With mild gain/loss rallies throughout the remainder of the week, the market shifted between the possibility of minimal losses and ending the week on a positive note. Friday’s decline ended all questions and the London market closed the week with triple digit losses.

The London Markets closed down at 6,042.92 with triple digits losses of (-151.18/-2.44%).

Gainers in the FTSE 100 include Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC (+9.70/+0.41%), International Consolidated Airlines Group (+0.50/+0.09%).

Losers include Anglo American PLC (-55.50/-7.66%), Glencore PLC (-7.90/-6.03%), Antofagasta PLC (-32.50/-5.45%), and BHP Billiton PLC (-57.50/-5.18%).

Active on the FTSE 100 included Lloyds Banking Group PLC moving 97.31M shares in strong trading, closed down at €75.65 for a loss of (-1.65%), Glencore PLC, in mild trading, moved 69.80M shares to close down at €123.05 per share for a loss of (-6.03%), BP PLC, in light trading moved 38.53M shares to close down at €337.85 per share for a loss of (-5.06%), Vodafone Group PLC in light trading moved 28.57M shares to close down at €223.50 for a loss of (-1.50%).

Hang Seng Index 

The Hang Seng Index began the trading week up and saw the week high at opening bell Monday. The small hope was followed immediately by steady decline that continued throughout the remainder of the week. The market steadied over the morning of Wednesday and by afternoon the bottom fell out followed by an uncontrollable decline that continued throughout the remainder of the week. The Hang Seng ended the trading week down with triple digit losses.

The Hang Seng closed down at 20,840.61 with double digit losses of (-94.33/-0.45%).

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include Sands China Ltd (+1.40/+5.51%), Belle international Holdings Ltd (+0.23/+3.29%), Lenovo Group Ltd (+0.19/+3.10%), China Merchants Holding (International) (Hong Kong) Ltd (+0.75/+3.07%).

Losers for the week include China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (-0.16/-3.21%), PetroChina Co Ltd (-0.19/-3.15%), Ping An Insurance (Group) Co of China Ltd (Hong Kong) (-1.15/-3.12%), Wharf Holdings (-1.15/-2.77%).

Active trading on the Hang Seng Hong Kong Index includes Bank of China Ltd, in heavy trading, moved 349.19M shares to close down at HK$3.33 (-0.89%), China Construction Bank Corp, in heavy trading moved 306.69M shares to close down at HK$5.15 (-2.09%), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd, in strong trading, moved 303.14M shares to close down at HK$4.41 (-0.68%), PetroChina Co Ltd in strong trading moved 111.91M shares to close up HK$5.84 (-3.15%).

Source: Bing Finance

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