Money News: US, London, Asian Markets Rally; France, India, Canada Close Down

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The DOW Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, the S&P 500, London and Asian Markets, rallied to cheer investors as analysts announced leading indicators reveal an upcoming Bear market, even as markets exhibit steady gains across the board, is imminent.

The DOW rallied and held steady throughout the week to post double digit gains to close up at 18,140.44 (+154.67/+0.86%). Opening at 17,985.77, the DOW held a daily range of 17,878.37-to-18,144.29.

Gainers for the week include Boeing Co (+4.52/+2.94%) with a closing price of $158.31 per share, UnitedHealth Group Inc (+2.58/+2.34%) with a closing price of $112.63 per share, American Express Co (+1.45/+1.785%) with a closing price of $79.83, Visa Inc (+3.89/+1.45%) with a closing price of $272.82.

Losers for the week include Procter & Gamble Co closing down at $84.86 per share down (-0.34/-0.40%), Coca-Cola Co closing down at $41.97 with a loss of (-0.1/-0.34%), Travelers Companies Inc also closed down at $107.84 for a loss of (-0.13/-0.12%) and AT&T Inc closing down at $34.08 per share for a loss of (-0.01/-0.03%)

Active for the week included General Electric Co in medium trading moved 30.35M shares, closing up at $25.19 per share with a gain of (+0.76%), MicroSoft moved 23.85M shares in light trading to close up at $43.85 per share with a gain (+0.78%), Pfizer Inc in light trading moved 19.70M shares closing up at $34.55 per share with a gain of (+0.41%)

The NASDAQ rallied and closed strong at 4,955.97 with a gain of (+31.27/+0.63%).

The S&P 500 also closed up at 2,110.30 for a gain of (+12.85/+0.61%).

World Markets

The ten most watched world markets including the DOW Jones Industrial, S&P500, NASDAQ and the most watched European Markets London’s FTSE 100, Germany’s DAX, Mexico’s IPC and Asian’s Shanghai Composite, Hong Kong Hang Seng and Japan’s Nikkei 225 all rallied and closed up. The only holdouts among the top ten markets were CAC 40 of France, SENEX of India and Canada’s S&P TSX Composite which closed down.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225, rallied throughout the week with steady gains to close the trading week up with medium double digit gains, at 18,332.30 for a gain of (+67.51/+0.37%). 

Gainers for the week include Sumco Corp (+115.00/+5.45%), Alps Electric Co Ltd (+132.00/+5.29%), Tokyo Electron, Ltd  (+427.00/+4.796%), Citizen Holdings Co Ltd (+37.00/+4.14%).

Losers include Toho Zinc Co Ltd (-10.00/-2.59%), Takashimaya Co Ltd (-27.00/-2.43%), Toyobo Co Ltd (-4.00/-2.38%) and JFE Holdings Inc (-68.50/-2.36%).

Active on the Nikkei include Mizuho Financial Group Inc, in a tenth straight week of strong trading, moved 205.13M shares, not enough to rally, and closed down at ¥217.30 for a loss of (-0.41%), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc in medium trading moved 76.09M shares to close up at ¥767.20 (-0.39%) for a gain of (+0.96%).

FTSE 100

London Markets rebounded steadily throughout the week ending with a solid double digit gains to close up at 6915.20 with a gain of (+26.30/+0.38%).

Gainers in the FTSE 100 include Glencore PLC (+7.75/+2.73%), Standard Life PLC (+10.82/+2.65%), Weir Group PLC (+49.00/+2.63%), Tullow Oil PLC (+8.80/+2.21%).

Losers include Carnival PLC (-69.00/-2.35%), International Consolidated Airlines Group PLC (-12.50/-2.22%), Kingfisher PLC (-7.25/-2.08%) and easyJet PLC (-33.00/-1.85%).

Active on the FTSE 100 included Lloyds Banking Group PLC moving 139.93M shares in strong trading closed up at €77.88 for a gain of (+0.84%), Vodafone Group PLC, in solid trading moved 49.03M shares to close up at €231.75 per share for a gain of (+1.47%), Barclays, in medium trading moved 31.89M shares to close up at €261.03 per share for gain of (+0.24%).

Hang Seng Index

The Hang Sang Index, along with each of the Asian Markets, rebounded over the past week closing up with medium with solid gains.

The Hang Seng closed up at 24,832.08 with double digit gains of (+47.20/+0.19%).

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (Hong Kong) (+0.29/+4.65%), PetroChina Co Ltd (Hong Kong) (+0.27/+3.10%), CNOOC Ltd (+0.30/+2.71%), Kunlun Energy Co Ltd  (Hong Kong) (+0.13/+1.69%).

Active trading on the Heng Seng Hong Kong Index includes China Petroleum & Chemical Corp moving, in intense trading, 328.2M shares closed up HK$6.52 (+4.65%), PetroChina Co Ltd also in intense trading moved 159.24M shares closing up at HDK$8.98 up (+3.10%), and CNOOC Ltd in moderate trading moved 78.20M shares to close up at HK$11.38 for a gain of (+2.71%).

Losers for the week include China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd (Hong Kong) (-0.40/-1.67), China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd (-0.45/-1.22%), MTR Corp, Ltd (-0.35/-0.99%), Belle International Holdings Ltd (-0.08/-0.92%).

Source: Bing Finance

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