Election 2016: Trump Favored By 390 Delegates; Clinton By 750 On Super Tuesday

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The odds-makers at www.SportsBettingDime.com have set an over/under of 9.5 (out of 11) on the number of states Donald Trump wins on SuperTuesday and 10.5 states/territories (out of 12) for Hilary Clinton.

And in the all-important delegate count, Clinton is favored by 750 delegates (1,004 up for grabs), while Trump is favored by 390 delegates (595 at stake).

The predicted SuperTuesday blowouts also have the odds-makers at SportsBettingDime looking ahead to potential Vice Presidential candidates. For Clinton, some of the favorites include Julian Castro: 8/1; Brian Schweitzer: 12/1; Cory Booker: 15/1; Mark Warner: 15/1; Joaquin Castro: 20/1 – you can even get 6:1 odds on either Castro.  But a surprise, off the radar pick (5:1) is the most likely choice for Hilary. An historic Clinton-Clinton ticket (75:1) is a real longshot.

Trump's pick for the #2 spot is even more likely to be someone off the radar (2:5 odds), but the favorites do include a few of his rivals -- Rick Scott: 10/1; Nikki Haley: 12/1; Marco Rubio: 12/1; Brian Sandoval: 12/1; and Carly Fiorina: 17/1.  Interestingly enough, it's more likely that Trump offers the position to Oprah Winfrey (30:1) than to Ted Cruz (40:1).

Here's a look at additional SuperTuesday props and analysis from the odds-makershttp://www.sportsbettingdime.com/news/entertainment-props/republicans-unleash-dogs-on-trump-but-is-it-too-late/


Odds on how many different candidates will win a primary state on SuperTuesday (Republicans and Democrats, combined):
Four: 10/11
Three: 7/4
Two: 15/2
Five or more: 17/1

Odds on which primary state will have the smallest margin of victory for Republican candidates:
Arkansas: 2/1
Oklahoma: 4/1
Texas: 4/1

Odds on which primary state will have the largest margin of victory (between first and second) for Republican candidates:
Massachusetts: 4/5
Vermont: 2/1
Tennessee: 2/1

Odds on which primary state will have the smallest margin of victory for Democratic candidates:
Massachusetts: 2/7
Oklahoma: 12/1
Tennessee: 13/1

Over/under on how many states Donald Trump will win on SuperTuesday (of the 11 that are choosing a Republican candidate): o/u 9.5

Over/under on how many primary states Marco Rubio will win on SuperTuesday: o/u 0.5

Over/under on how many primary states Ted Cruz will win on SuperTuesday: o/u 1.5

Over/under on how many states/territories Hillary Clinton will win on SuperTuesday (of the 12 that are choosing a Democratic candidate): o/u 10.5

SuperTuesday Republican point spread: [595 delegates at stake]
Donald Trump: -390

SuperTuesday Democratic point spread: [1,004 delegates at stake]
Hillary Clinton: -750

Odds on the next Republican candidate to drop out:
Ben Carson: 2/1
Ted Cruz: 3/1
John Kasich: 3/1
Marco Rubio: 13/2
Donald Trump: 25/1

Odds that another candidate will enter the race during the month of March:
Republican: 14/1
Democrat: 15/1

Over/under on when Bernie Sanders will drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination:March 9

Odds that the Republican candidate who wins the most delegates on SuperTuesday will win the party's nomination: 1/12

Odds on who Donald Trump will insult the most on SuperTuesday:
Hillary Clinton: 2/5
The Media: 8/1
Marco Rubio: 8/1
Ted Cruz: 12/1
Bill Clinton: 40/1
Bernie Sanders: 175/1
FIELD: 100/1

Over/under on how many congressmen will endorse Trump beforeWednesday, March 3 (in addition to Duncan Hunter (Calif.) and Chris Collins (N.Y.): o/u 2.5

Odds on who Trump will name as his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination:
Rick Scott: 10/1
Nikki Haley: 12/1
Marco Rubio: 12/1
Brian Sandoval: 12/1
Carly Fiorina: 17/1
Oprah Winfrey: 30/1
Ted Cruz: 40/1
John Kasich: 40/1
Joe Scarborough: 40/1
Rudy Giuliani: 75/1
Sarah Palin: 250/1
Ben Carson: 275/1
Jeb Bush: 450/1
Field Bet (any politician): 2/5
Field Bet (any businessperson): 12/1
Field Bet (any entertainer): 350/1
Field Bet (any sporting figure): 1000/1

Odds on who Hillary Clinton will name as her running mate if she wins the Democratic nomination:
Julian Castro: 8/1
Brian Schweitzer: 12/1
Cory Booker: 15/1
Mark Warner: 15/1
Joaquin Castro: 20/1
Tim Kaine: 25/1
Martin O'Malley: 25/1
Deval Patrick: 25/1
Terry McAuliffe: 40/1
John Kasich: 65/1
Joe Biden: 200/1
Bernie Sanders: 200/1
Bill Clinton: 250/1
FIELD: 5/1
Castro Field Bet (Julian or Joaquin): 6/1

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