Beltway Insider: Trump Takes Oath; Protestors Disrupt Inauguration; 1B Citizens Join Women’s March

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The world joined in solidarity taking to the streets in major cities around the world protesting the presidency of Donald J. Trump, sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, one day earlier during a rainy inauguration.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, surpassed his highest ratings and increased by three percentage points to 60% of those polled who approved of his effectiveness as President and those who disapproved of his effectiveness as President decreased two percentage points to 37%. 

Trump Presidency and Protests Begin

In a surprisingly well attended rainy ceremony that included former Presidents, Vice-President's and former democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senators, distinguished and honored guests, the world watched as Donald J. Trump was sworn into office.

Michael Richard Pence was sworn into office by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who at that moment became the first African American to ever administer the oath of office.

The emotion of the moment translated and carried through to the people as Vice-President Pence affirmed to the resonating, strong and deliberate words of the Justice he would "defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic."

Chief Justice John Roberts administer a simplified oath to Donald Trump ensuring the willing transfer of power necessary for a democracy to maintain its freedom. No administration serves indefinitely.

And Just Outside

The backlash over the Trump presidency did not abate on election day. Demonstrators clashed with Washington police when the planned inauguration protests turned violent with participants attempting to disrupt the swearing in and annual festivities.

The near melee ended with both police and protestors injured and more than 200 people arrested. who Washington, D.C police arrived in riot gear and dispensed smoke bombs to disperse the crowd who had begun to vandalize and set fires burning President Trump in effigy before the traditional inauguration parade began.

Meanwhile Inside

The annual Congressional Brunch hosted the new administration and their families along with members of congress and honored guests. Gifts and toasts following strict protocols were presented to each candidate.  

Trump saluted Hillary Rodham Clinton for her friendship over the years who received the strongest applause of the day with the following:

"There is something that I wanted to say, because I was very honored, very very honored, when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton was [sic] coming today, and I think it's appropriate to say. And I'd like you to stand up asking the crowd to give the Clintons a standing ovation as he waved to them from across the room. And honestly, there's nothing more I can say, because I have a lot of respect for those two people," President Trump said.

And the Next Day

As the sun rose and set on the first day the world paused and moved on to the matters at hand and day two.

News agencies are reporting that well over 1 billion people, in cities around the world, took to the streets in solidarity reminding all that no matter the outcome we, the world remain avowed to resist the mandates, mindset, and attitudes of this presidency.

With the second largest gathering in Los Angeles history, and police and media are still assessing as the crowd so large it shut down all public transportation, filled streets and brought Downtown Los Angeles to a standstill, Los Angeles police are reporting not one arrest. The crowd so peaceful, so determined to voice a solidarity to force change, even when the possibility seems set in stone.

Celebrities from seasoned protesters like Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Michael Moore, to Political Officials including former LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, members of city council and young protesters including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, leading the cause of change.

Identical demonstrations were held in New York City more than 400K joined with celebrities including Madonna, Rosie Perez, Whoopi Goldberg rallying the peaceful protestors to maintain a vigilance.

Women Rights Activist Gloria Steinem, most democratic senators, actress America Ferrera and songstress Alisha Keys, led the March on Washington where 500K, peaceful demonstrators, the largest in the city's history voiced the call to resist.

In cities across the nation, time zones around the world, women, men, children voice's from yesterday, today and those gearing up for tomorrow, totaling 1B strong, declared the same call to resist.

Beltway Insider: Obama Farewell; Trump; France/African; London Tube Strike; Dylann Roof/Steven McDonald; Guns/Abstinence

Media Moves Begins Love Fest for Trump Family

The mainstream media has shifted gears and picked up the mantle and chosen to be more than cordial and objective and report the news but shower the incoming President with accolades of adoration.

Donald Trump [allegedly] cheated his way to the oval office, he became the ultimate example of how cheaters really do prosper and doing anything to secure the win is the single most important element in any hostile takeover strategy.

What Americans want, at least his constituency is the equation, algorithm, formula the pathway to instant attainment and success, money, and wealth which he presents as a strategy to get anywhere in any industry is to lie, cheat, steal, destroy, and circumvent all the while enforcing behaviors, attitudes, and mindsets, that allow for his "all is fair and love and war" and business takeovers are war belief to become the ruling ideal.

Now the diverse American people, those who live, work, breathe and believe in America, are stuck in a Trump man-made hell. And yes, we know politicians lie, they all do, we know, we're not naïve children, we understand the nature of the beast.

The facts remain, lying, placating the American people, presenting an ideal agenda knowing Congress will never, ever, allow 90% of the bills to pass, and full face directly lying and worse engaging our enemy, and the one thing Trump supporters forgot is that Putin, is the enemy. Or like modern pundits a frenemy and still the former leader of the KGB is not a friend to the American people.

Donald Trump's major influence Ronald Regan, was no friend to the Russians. If Trump hopes to emulate Regan at all then he needs to go back to the books to understand the Cold War relationship between the United States and Russia.

Oddly the four most famous words of Ronald Reagan's Russian Administration policy which has remained through the decades "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" Nowhere in his policy did Reagan endorse building, reinforcing or keeping the wall.

So we're stuck, no amount of protesting, which I'm not sure the long term feasibility of a single day of protesting, and honestly as amazing as the numbers keep pouring in from Marches in Los Angeles to Washington to Sydney and London and every city in the world in the United States the simple facts are the glow of success is yesterday, history already and looking out over the Mall from the Oval Office, the day came and went.

It is over and the troublemakers, Hillary supporters, feminists, idealists, LGBTQ supporters, the believers in America will go home, posts their selfies and the presidency continues.

Pressure is what is needed continued, daily, supported, pressure on the issues, on the facts, the Watergate Style investigations, Richard M. Nixon was elected a second term even while Watergate, the scandal that toppled his presidency two years into it, was being investigated.

We have two choices as a people, posts the selfies, hope someone else, the media and those with power figure out a strategy or become a part of the strategy.

Unless the protests become the protests that kept Lyndon B. Johnson from seeking a second term, a full onslaught in every city, in Washington, repeatedly with every newspaper, from the major to the minors keeping the heat on the issues, otherwise the protests only single out the protestors and in Donald Trump's presidency the House on Un-American Activities may see new life.

Where Did Hillary Go Wrong

The very fact that we are watching the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President signal a catastrophic failure in the Democratic mission. The question is with the support, and every resource available to Hillary Clinton why are we here?

Without reiterating the entire election, primary by primary, the long recap, it narrows to the strategy. The almost a laugh, of course, it's the strategy.

Campaigns are more than a beauty contest, a likeability feat that brings together the hopeful looking to secure enough of the people to propel them forward to the next phase. Campaigns are about strategy, they are about building a business plan, simply, building an historically winning campaign.

Hillary and team, after having the best minds available chose to emulate the Clinton-Gore winning strategy. A democratic campaign that worked in 1994.

In 1994, demographics were different even Ohio, which has gone from 22 electoral votes to 18. With the always shifting population, electoral colleges change the states value. Choosing a campaign strategy that depends on the numbers of nearly twenty years ago, didn't doom the campaign, it was unreliable data.

Feeding the campaign unreliable data is only the beginning. The choice of VP, and this is not about denigrating Tim Kaine. He is a lynch pin in the campaign focus, the choice of Tim Kaine, historically, twenty years ago, would have proven successful, as it did with former Vice-president Al Gore, the choice today, with a massively different demographic, Hillary was not simply running against a dead party. She was running to resuscitate the future of her own party, infusing it with new blood, a younger generation who was willing to hear her out with one caveat, that she listen to them. She failed.

Hillary's personality came into play her as she is a lot like many successful women who apply the "if you want it done and done right, do it yourself" strategy. A strategy most applaud unfortunately the American people don't. 

The presidency is a team effort. The American people chose the team member they wanted for Hillary and she ignored them and they paid her back in kind on election Day.

Campaigns are all about strategy. The need to listen, and to hear to incorporate, and yes, even building on the feel-good pheromones that community, a winning speech, a rousing crowd, and hope brings to people. She was the most qualified, the most experienced, the single most effective person and she acted on the advice of well-paid strategists and the world's best advisors when she should have paused gone over the numbers, the long-term ramifications and decided factoring in the off chance that she, as capable as she is, couldn't haul in the prize alone.

Listening, and yes, this is hindsight, and a topic for which Mrs. Clinton and those who donated generously have probably picked over, rake over, and dissected, and the facts are all we have to lean on and sift through.

Choosing Time Kaine would have been a smart politician campaign strategy 20 years ago. It did nothing to secure the cross generational and demographic movement that swelled around Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Its understandable Presidents want someone who could step into the Oval office should necessity dictate. Senator Sanders possessed that. And this is not a Bernie Sanders love fest. Facts dictate and the reasons the democrats and the world are not rejoicing today is due to poor strategy. Perhaps the worst time in Mrs. Clinton's entire career to make a miscalculation and depend to strongly on advisors and others.

Unreliable electoral college data, ignoring the massive swelling numbers from her chief challenger, and not testing the Tim Kaine effect, and possibility being just a little too smart, brilliance often lends to the "I'll do it myself" self-dependency.  

And I suppose the last reasons are layered in all those adjectives and believing America and Americans had moved past a gender based discrimination belief which still stuns as I hear women talk about voting for the GOP candidate.

And one final crucial point: Voter Apathy. A Clinton victory was assured by all, the Titanic of global endorsements, the world knew, we all knew, the pundits told us, we believed and while voter turnout was at record numbers, many, the winning majority for Hillary stayed home as the victory was assured.

And then finally the Icarus theory, possibly high on her own supply, her own ability, her own talent, her own judgement, the days, the moments that the future, the sheer amount of endorsements, political and non-political, nearly one hundred thousand, collective global endorsements, the dream, the goal, the knowledge of the prize, kept her, pulled her in too close to the sun and like the mythological Icarus, burned his wings and he fell to the ground.

Now we see the cost of apathy and we the people know clearly,  change comes from showing up, registering to vote, VOTING, being an instrument of change, keeping elected leaders aware they represent us and we hold their political future in our hands. The experience is a bitter lesson and necessary to prevent a future lapse,

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