Beltway Insider: Obama, Trump Meet; Election Protests; Transition Shock; Cyber Attack; Paris; New Zealand; Hillary

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President Obama, as per protocol, made a congratulatory telephone call and agreed to meet with President Elect Trump in the Oval office. The meeting, visually uneasy, was void of fanfare and limited to the mandates critical to the transition of power.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, increased by four percentage points to 57% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased three percentage points to 41%.

Post-Election Apocalypse - Nation Reacts to Stunning Upset Taking to the Streets in Protest

The nearly 61million Americans who pledged their support to Democratic Challenger Hillary Rodham Clinton took to the streets in record numbers protesting in what has been called the "Not My President" movement.

Mass demonstration in every major city across the country has done little, except to serve a termination notice to Republican House and Senate members, whose class is up for re-election.

The backlash of the questionable victory will not blend easily into the next four years. Republicans will see greater effort to retake control of house and senate. To set up political blockades, the turn the hate mongering rhetoric of the president into a whimper as the people rise, vote and retake control to stop his action reducing all effort to turn the democracy into a totalitarian regime.

Republican Rudy Giuliani, the former Federal Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York and Mayor of New York City, has again shown he is out of touch with the pulse of the people has he paraded himself across the Sunday news programs declaring the demonstrators are professional protesters and not genuine supporters of Mrs. Clinton.

Nepotism Rules the Day at 1600 as Trump Names Family Members to Transition Committee

Nepotism rules the day as President elect Trump has moved away from the freshly tainted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and has chosen his VP running mate Mike Pence to lead his transition team along with naming three members of his family to present the image of what can be expected during his rule and reign as President: Discrimination, biased and unbalanced decisions.

In his early picks President Trump, has announced Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff and Steven K. Bannon, CEO of Breitbart News Daily, the right wing republican website founded by the late Andrew Breitbart, as White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor.

Evaporation of the Dream

The citizens of the United States who took the election at face value believing the Trump would speak the truth have already seen him move away from his campaign promises. The everyday American, those who invested more than money, those who invested a belief, a hope, a vote, into his change platform will see it evaporate, in total, before he takes the oath of office.

His Let's Make America Great Again is based in an unfounded belief of bias and nepotism, in discrimination and control, not in rebuilding the rust belt into its once glory days of world dominance as a global manufacturer of everything from parts and appliances to steel and automobiles.  

The underlying rot of the real Trump White House is quickly showing as every stalwart Republican leader in Washington is clamoring for a position in his White House with favoritism the rule of the day the blinded people who made the choice will see business and government as usual.

Trump played on the pride of every American who held any belief in the World's Greatest Generation, The World War II generation, it was a sham from a charlatan. It was the art of a deal.  

His plans to allow his daughter, who is clearly educated and business savvy, to present Child Care policy is ludicrous. She is out of touch with the constituents who elected him as her only worry regarding child care is if the nannies show up on time.

Postscript: Professor Allan Lichtman who created an algorithm and has successfully used it to correctly pick the next president in every election for nearly three decades, since 1984, and successfully picked this president has made another shocking prediction: Donald Trump will be Impeached.

The odds makers who has built a reputation and track record on successful choosing the next president has indicated in his predictions Republicans, possibly in the effort to right the listing political landscape, prefer a President Pence.

Donald Trump Wins The Presidency In A Shocking Upset

Hacktivist or Nation State Cyber Attack

The shock over the 2016 Election results were completely unexpected so much so that any ideas as to how this could have happened, or even the issues that resonated with Republican supporters, in a nation as diverse, as these United States were unavailable during the exhaustive campaign.

Throughout the campaign we continually heard President Elect Trump explain how the system was rigged, even as far as explaining on national television how he would not accept any outcome that didn't end with him securing the presidency.

His confidence throughout the campaign, especially as he was the man with no plan, shamed by locker room antics and language, throughout the more than six months of campaigning against Mrs. Clinton, he never spoke of a specific plan was deemed at the time clear evidence of his delusion. He attacked her with hate rhetoric and scare tactics, he became the poster boy for bad, alienating behavior and yet he continued to insist his campaign would win.

With a limited belief that the United States is so deeply divided that the other half would genuinely vote this person into office, minimal possibilities exists, as to how he could have won.

One theory is the election was interfered with by a foreign government, Russia, to influence the election in some way.

Donald Trump was and remains encased in the definition of the Orwellian theory which named after George Orwell, specifically states, "is an adjective describing a situation, idea, or societal condition that is identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society."

So how could the President Elect of the United States be this damaging to society and still be elected?

The Beltway Insider has been covering the nation's top stories from inside the beltway for nearly four years after beginning political coverage in 2012 with the last Presidential election. Understanding the national and international landscape, players, situations and concerns is key to understanding the theory of a hacktivist or nation state cyber-attack.


Currently Russian President Vladimir Putin, a good friend, and the only foreign leader to have called Mr. Trump to congratulate him, is under suspension from the G7 for his aggressive militaristic violations against neighboring Ukraine. The sectorial sanctions are crippling the Russian economy; he is alienated from every foreign leader with only Bashar al-Assad, the dictatorial leader of Syria as his common conspirator.

The violations of territorial sovereignty, moving against a foreign nation or border, can be considered an act of war. The situation was not taken lightly by any of the key players, especially the United States and the Ukraine who to understand the political climate as the Ukraine was in the middle of democratic transition moving them closer to European Union acceptance.

Putin, to upset the balance of the Ukraine, moved on the Crimea Peninsula, after amassing troops during the Sochi Olympics. He has remained in Crimea and amassed troops along the eastern border which continue to threaten and intimidate the people of the Ukraine and neighboring countries.  

Computer Virus

The last Republican Presidency led by George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States oversaw a computer program designed to destroy the Iranian Nuclear arsenal from the comfort of the National Security Agency (NSA) in Washington. The sophisticated code, titled Olympic Games, was discovered after it had caused major malfunctions throughout the computer infrastructure in Europe.

The cyber intelligence does exist to create code, very specific, narrow code that will by-pass other grids and infrastructures, with missile deftness move through the cyber ecosystem to its target and blossom and through specific instruction effect only the areas pre-determined.

The one other issue would be how to facilitate a Nation state terror attack without raising concerns: A close race, all the cities where Mrs. Clinton held strong leads couldn't be touched, and taking the rural communities by strong using the philosophy that the country bumpkins would be uniformed, have an aversion to female leadership and be more entrenched in the American dream than city dwellers which is a turn of the 20th century belief: Agrarian verses the beginning of the manufacturing era. 

Donald Trump would clearly want this outcome as would other Republican leaders with more knowledge and understanding of the cyber defense programs. With the nation and world believing Trump is ill-equipped to handle the responsibilities, is intellectually lazy and as everyone knows is skilled at brokering a deal, or the art of the deal, a possibility of a pre-arranged cyber-attack, by Mr. Trump or more likely by republican leaders to oust him from office creates a perfect scenario for the Republican takeover by actual politicians and righting the listing political ship.

The Russians have admitted to having contact with Mr. Trump throughout the election season. The Olympic Games program did destroy the Iranian Nuclear Program. The Russians are suspended from the G7 and the sanctions are crippling their economy. The republicans, democrats, world leaders, pundits, and public at large are mystified over the election results.

Paris Remembers

On November 13, 2015, a warm fall Friday evening in the city of lights, the beauty and peace of Paris was shattered when in a series coordinated attacks perpetrated by the Islamic State systematically unleashed a Night of Terror against the citizens of the French capital killing 130 and injuring 368.

The massacres began at the Stade de France, the national stadium where Germany and France soccer teams were vying for bragging rights, three suicide bombers collectively murdered one citizen at the stadium attack and the terrorists killed themselves.

The 10th and 11 Arrondissements (neighborhoods) were the primary targets as ISIS terrorists began indiscriminately firing automatic weapons at Al fresco diners lining the sidewalk cafes and restaurants. A bomber detonated his suicide bomb after placing an order at the fourth restaurant targeted.

ISIS soldiers stormed the Le Bataclan theater where the American band, Eagles of Death Metal, were playing to a sold-out show. Unaware of the what was happening the terrorists shot their way into the theater and as in the restaurants indiscriminately began a systematic massacre with concert goers running in terror.

Some escaped, other were hanging out of windows, the footage from the scene is horrific. Mass carnage, blood everywhere, as two of the terrorists stood from behind the pit that faced the stage and massacred those standing.

Three others positioned themselves upstairs taking hostages. As the French Anti-Terror tactical teams moved in, video from outside the building depicted the cowardice of the terrorist who, when cornered, detonated their explosive belts killing themselves and the hostages they held.

Before the night of terror would end, 130 citizens, from around the world would die in the terror attack. Unlike the Charlie Hebdo attack in January when leaders from more than 40 nations arrived in Paris and defiantly stood in the face of terror, united, in one of the largest peace marches since World War II, and said "we will not fear," world leaders stayed home and coordinated revenge.

French President François Hollande promised pitiless revenge. He made good on his word with the Belgium-France terror network nearly dismantled and those responsible for the Night of Terror in custody.

The France and Belgium corridor has, in the last two years beginning in January 2015 and the Charlie Hebdo massacre, seen a significant rise in large scale mass casualty attacks with the last on Bastille Day July 2016.

We stand with the citizens of France, Belgium and the central EU nations as we all are united against the spread of fascism, terror and hate violence.

Sting Reopens The Bataclan

"In re-opening the Bataclan, we have two important tasks to reconcile. First, to remember and honour those who lost their lives in the attack a year ago, and second to celebrate the life and the music that this historic theatre represents. In doing so we hope to respect the memory as well as the life affirming spirit of those who fell. We shall not forget them," said Sting on his official Instagram page.

New Zealand Hit with Major Earthquake

Buildings in earthquake weary Christ Church, New Zealand shook violently as the 7.8 quake struck the island nation just off the Australian coast, causing damage along the South Island triggering a Tsunami that sent a panicked people into the streets.

Two deaths have been reported with all news agencies indicating the first Tsunami waves have struck the island. With the possibility of additional waves and after-shocks no all clear signs are being sent.

The last major tsunami in Christmas 2003 was generated from a 9.0 earthquake centered in the middle of the Indian ocean. Without landfall to break it the monster wave became so massive it rolled over nations decimating countryside, killing thousands.

Hillary Clinton – A Lesson in Aplomb

Hillary Clinton, the expected, predicted, and globally accepted 45th President of the United States lost the election to the most unqualified male in the history of politics. Not to mention Mrs. Clinton would have been the first female president.

Mr. Clinton received more votes than any candidate in the history of Presidential elections except for Barack Obama. More than her husband former President William Jefferson Clinton, more than the current President Elect Trump. Is that comforting? Without the prize? Yes, I guess and no, not really.

We've been at this cross roads before as Mrs. Clinton has had gaps in her public service the most recent after her service as Secretary of State. She resigned and returned to private life. Even as she prepared for this Presidential Campaign she had a few moments of calm before the proverbial storm.

Has she retired? Certainly, she has stepped back from public service as she prepares for the next chapter. Will she join Mrs. Obama in the "Let Girls Learn" campaign that will bring education opportunities to girls everywhere? Is a book in her future? Has another campaign been considered?

Surely all those questions in some form have ran through the former Secretary of State's mind as she puts it on pause right now.  Grandmother is a title that she loves and will bring her comfort

Watching her concession speech, she consoled the more than 61million who voted for her; she enforced the mandate for peaceful transition; for respect of our nation that actually allows a democratic vote by the people.

She also encouraged those first timers who may have lost hope over the clear discriminatory mind set of Americans not to give up; not to stop challenging the system; and simply by the outcome we know the necessary mindset that needs addressed and changed in our America.

She was clear we didn't win the prize; we as women were not able to shatter that last glass ceiling, that last barrier. For reasons unknown, as we encourage our daughters they can be or do anything, we wonder can they, really? When our nation prefers an unqualified male to the single most qualified female in history, can women really accomplish anything?

So as we move ahead from this contentious, unbelievable, election season, all we have is forward. We move ahead, a bit bruised, shocked, sad over loss of what could have been. Collectively, those deeply affected and those slightly are now the watchdogs.

We, the newly designated watchdogs, the writers, the artists, the disenfranchised, the concerned, the hopeful, the brokenhearted, the nearly 61million Americans, need the strength Mrs. Clinton exhibited as she spoke with grace, aplomb, and genuine affection for America, the campaign workers, the people she has met as she took that unsure, unsteady, and unknown step into a new future.

For more information on President Barack Obama:


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