Journey to the Christmas Star Review – Charming Holiday Enchantment

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Journey to the Christmas Star,” from Vertical Entertainment and Moskus Entertainment, presents a heartwarming holiday adventure through an enchanted forest with magical encounters in a race to restore the Christmas Star.

Directed by Nils Gaup, “Journey to the Christmas Star,” is distributed by Walt Disney Norway and stars Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Agnes Kittlesen, Jakob Oftebro, Stig-Werner Moe and Eilif Hellum Noraker and introducing Vilde Zeiner as Sonja.   

Journey to the Christmas Star,” opens with animated sequences detailing, in voice over, how the lovely Princess Goldenhair, heir to the throne, and her family were celebrating Christmas.

The evil Count, played by Stig-Werner Moe, also wanted to be King and he tricked Princess Goldenhair into leaving the castle on Christmas Eve. She disappeared that night and never returned.

Nine years later, the film opens in live action and we meet a lovely fair skinned, hazel eyed, beautiful child, being held captive by a wicked, evil villager. Seeing the chance Sonja breaks free, and hides in the Kings cellar.

The villagers are preparing for Christmas and Ole, played by Jakob Oftebro, and Patrina played by Agnes Kittlesen are scurrying about in the Kitchen. Fetching supplies in the cellar, Ole is surprised to find a group of street urchins picking through the festival food.  

Sonja is caught and given audience with the King, played by Anders Baasmo Christiansen, who on this day, Christmas Eve, nine years after his beloved daughter went missing is feeling anxious and bereaved.  

Sonja explains, she wasn’t stealing and she will find the Christmas star and reunite him with his beloved daughter. So off she goes on an adventure that will return the joy of the holiday season and the Christmas Star to its rightful place.

As our faired hair Sonja begins her journey she meets several unusual friends along the way. We meet Moss, played by Eilif Hellum Noraker, and his family, a Gnome, a wee girl with an endearing Irish accent. With a touch of Gnome dust, Sonja is the size of Moss and escapes the evil Count who must stop her before midnight.

Encountering Big Bear, Sonja, is given instruction from her little friend Moss and soon Big Bear is awake and ferrying Sonja to her biggest challenge yet. 

Journey to the Christmas Star,” a 2012 theatrical release in Norway, with a good and generous king, lonely missing his family, especially at the holidays, and those who want nothing more than to take advantage of his kind heart, the story is filled with bright moments as genuine goodness overcomes those who are bent on destruction.

Journey to the Christmas Star,” is filled with lovely faces expressing the joy of the season. The ensemble is familiar in a déjà vu sort of way, even to Americans, with several of the leads having made up the cast of the high seas adventure drama “Kon-Tiki.”

The Gnome scenes, I must admit, were my favorite, with the Irish accents and the banter between the family members is very cute and authentic. Or at least what I envision Gnomes to speak as they prepare the holiday meal. The performances, by the Gnomes are noteworthy and even given a last moment after the credits roll.

Journey to the Christmas Star,” is enchanting, charming, and an entertaining magical holiday adventure for all ages.

Journey to the Christmas Star,” is available on DVD for all to enjoy.


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