KUNG FU Panda 3 Review - High Flying Hijinks, Pandamania, and Just a Super Good Time

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KUNG FU Panda 3, from DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century FOX, presents a high flying, beautifully animated, and perfectly crafted story of family, redemption, hope and unity while re-introducing ancient cultures and treating audiences to fun, hijinks, laughter and delight.

KUNG FU Panda 3 stars the voice talent of Jack Black as Po, Dustin Hoffman/Master Shifu, Angelina Jolie-Pitt/Tigress, Lucy Liu/Viper, Jackie Chan/Monkey, David Cross/Crane and Seth Rogan as Mantis with Bryan Cranston joining the cast as Li, Kate Hudson as Mei Mei and J.K. Simmons as the evil Kai. KUNG FU Panda 3 was written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger.

KUNG FU Panda 3, opens with a battle in the spirit realm as good, Oogway, voiced by Randall Duk Kim is challenged by an enemy long banished to depths unknown. A place where evil resides and is tormented by memories.

The evil Kai, voiced by J.K. Simmons, regains power, after 500 years and begins stealing the Chi, the ancient power of the soul which, is only whispered about and wished for, as it is the inner power of ancient warriors which give mastery over the enemies.

Soon Oogway is a jade ornament, a notch on Kai’s belt in his quest for complete dominance.

Kai finally manages to escape the spirit world and lands in a field outside the Valley of Peace prepared to steal all Oogway’s master warrior descendants.

Po, voiced by Jack Black, remains as enthusiastic and still in awe of his title especially as he is the first to admit his inadequacies. His skill as Dragon Warrior has increased and sharpened with practice and he sees himself as a follower not a leader. Not losing himself he retains the surprise everyday (as does everyone else) that he was chosen to as the Dragon Warrior.

As only a parent can, Mr. Ping, Po’s adoptive father spots trouble and soon the loveable lump panda is voicing his inabilities, while he knowns some records will never be broken, like his Dumpling eating record, he feels he just can’t get past the obstacles that lead to becoming.

It’s then the two hear a roar and chanting as Li, voiced by Bryan Cranston, Po’s biological is introduced by surprising everyone by breaking Po’s world record for dumpling eating. In awe of the appetite, the two, turn and in a moment realize what they had both lost years ago was suddenly standing in front of them; father, son, reunited! It was Pandamania!

Soon Kai makes his power and presence known and only Master Shifu, voiced by Dustin Hoffman is able to interpret the signs and find the ancient scroll left by Oogway to guide the warriors into victory against the enemies of the spirit.

The attack of the valley reunites the Furious Five as the supernatural enemy, one whom they have never experienced, who grows stronger with every battle, appears set on stealing the power of every master warrior, for ultimate supremacy.

Believing they can fight Kai on their own, Mantis and Crane, disregard the warnings and to save each other defend the master warriors. Taken captive, Kai, now exercises his dominance openly. He fights from victory, in the absence of fear as he has already seen banishment.

Po in order to defeat the evil Kai must complete his training and find the path to Chi, the path that provides enlightenment, that give dominance over the mind, the place where circumstances are irrelevant and the battle already won.

This is accomplished according to Oogway’s direction in the Panda village. Soon Po, leaves the Valley of Peace to find himself and complete his journey as Dragon Warrior.

Beautifully directed by Jennifer Yeh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni, KUNG FU Panda 3 is masterfully created. The elements of animation, sharp crisp, fighting movements, swift and actual, mixing with mood emotive colors, golden hues for spiritual enlightenment and darker colors to represent the battle with evil.

As always the morals of the story are uniquely presented, allowing for the pearls of wisdom to intertwine with stunning animation peaking at memorable moments punctuating the story.

Family which doesn’t always mean simply biological, a community becomes family and they are worth the effort; evil never triumphs for long, good will eventually win, family and friends are worth your energy and effort, there is always more room for love, and love shows itself in many ways.

Continuing the introduction to ancient civilizations the film remains committed to the finest details of culture, the calligraphy, the nuances, the intricacies which are not missed. The reverence and respect of the Training Hall, where masters are worn down until they remade.

The introduction of the Panda Clan and village brought additional elements, which ushered in some actualities of Panda behavior and life.

The third installment in the highly successful franchise is exquisite immersing the viewer into ancient Chinese culture with all the imagination, magic and mystery of the far east and ancient martial arts communities, merge to create a sensory experience that delights and presents a well-crafted emotional journey that brings the fun and laughs, along with the larger messages.

Continue the legendary adventure of awesomeness and join the Furious Five as they answer the challenge from the other side and defend their home, family and friends and way of life.

KUNG FU Panda 3 opens Friday, January 29, 2016.

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