Traxon Technologies’ Showroom in Hong Kong Offers Visitors a Rich AR Experience

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Traxon Technologies and Osram’s Hong Kong showroom elevates its focus on digitalization and future markets. Using cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) based control and navigation technology, the company emphasizes its position as the premiere global provider of advanced LED systems.

Going forward, the company will showcase its product innovations using state-of-the-art AR control and navigation technology. The Hong Kong Showroom provides an interactive customer experience through a pioneering AR application for indoor navigation, device control and monitoring, developed by AR Automation in cooperation with Insider Navigation accentuating the company’s dominance in the innovative lighting solutions market.

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The two companies have combined their knowledge to create “AR Smart Control” which allows users to track their real-time position and directly control the surrounding lights as well as access important product data. When pointing the tablet’s camera at a light, users can select from a range of different options displayed on the screen: it’s possible to dim the light, switch it on and off, request product details and choose a certain colour or pre-set lighting scene.

The objects to be controlled, the possible user options and the data shown can be individually determined, depending on the application area and the respective requirement profile. This means, for instance, that the AR app also serves to control the ventilation and irrigation system in vertical farms, to track the energy consumption of machinery in real-time or look up the last maintenance check performed on technical equipment in factories.

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So far, AR is mainly used for data visualization, but AR Smart Control goes one step further by using the new technology to actually interact with objects close to the user in a very simple and intuitive way.

As a result, AR offers an innovative approach to the development of IoT systems. While voice assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Home depend on knowing the right command logic, AR Smart Control works without any prior knowledge of the devices – just point the camera at an object to monitor and control it.

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What makes the app so special is the fact that it was the joint work of two companies contributing different areas of expertise: While Insider Navigation is an expert on AR based indoor positioning and navigation, the joint venture AR Automation combines the skills of an AR software development specialist with the knowledge of a professional provider for smart control and building automation technology.

Thus, the product features a highly precise 3D positioning, an accurate overlay of the virtual information from observed real objects without showing misalignments when the user is moving around in the environment, and an immediate response to all control commands as well as a continuously reliable data transmission in real-time.

Within only two days, AR Smart Control was successfully installed in Traxon Technologies’ Showroom in Hong Kong. The new API interface of the smart lighting control platform e:cue SYMPHOLIGHTTM provides the perfect solution to control lights through Augmented Reality. Thanks to all the new clever features of SYMPHOLIGHT 5, data from sensors, light and equipment status in a building can be evaluated and displayed on the screen in real-time.

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The two companies are pleased to present their AR solution in April at Hannover Messe in the booth of Insider Navigation (Hall 6 Booth C58). All visitors and those interested are kindly invited to test AR Smart Control themselves.

This video provides you with a brief look at Traxon Technologies’ new Showroom.

About Insider Navigation
Insider Navigation (INS) is the first company that offers augmented reality based indoor positioning and navigation for mobile devices without the use of special hardware. Thanks to augmented reality and efficient navigation technologies INS offers a worldwide unique holistic solution which enables clients to easily make their venues recognizable for mobile devices and gain added value with augmented reality. Insider Navigation has its headquarters in Vienna.

AR Automation Ltd.

AR Automation Ltd. is a Joint Venture created by the two companies Visionaries 777 Ltd. (Hong Kong) and eventa AG (Munich), focusing on the development of advanced Augmented Reality (AR) applications to control and monitor lighting, building and media technology. The smart AR control solutions offer an innovative approach to combining AR and IoT. The headquarters of AR Automation is located in Hong Kong.

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