Crisis Review – An Attention-Grabbing, Entertaining, Contemporary Cartel Drama

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Crisis, from Quiver Distribution, brings to the screen a contemporary, fast action, dramatic, north of the border cartel thriller weaving four stories from victim to trafficker to big pharma into the backdrop of the Opioid epidemic.

The film begins with a north of the border chase across an unpatrolled section of the Canadian us border. Dressed in camouflage and sledding down the mountains he stops right before the edge and is surrounded by Canadian police. He is a fentanyl courier.

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From here we move into a rundown neighborhood drug clinic, a pill mill, with Jake Kelly, played by Armie Hammer, an undercover FBI agent working a street level sting who has been running the Detroit-Montreal connection for months.

The clock is ticking as a new FBI Supervisor Garrett, played by Michelle Rodriguez, explains its time to make the bust. They have two weeks to arrange a buy from a multi-cartel Fentanyl smuggling operation, on the Canadian side, pull out the boss, inspect the operation and ensure he’ll take the bait.

We also meet Dr. Tyrone Brower, played by Gary Oldman, a scientist at a local University preforming drug trials for Northlight, a behemoth Pharmaceutical company owned by Lawrence Morgan, played by Martin Donovan, and run by his two underlings, Bill Simons, played by Luke Evans, and Meg Holmes, played by Veronica Ferres, who are nearing FDA approval for the first non-addictive pain killer.

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When the clinical trials conducted by Brower and his team contradict the studies at Northlight, a clash of conscience over astronomical profit begins. We meet Dean Geoff Talbot, played by Greg Kinnear, who is forced into decisions that will shield the university from liability and protect endowments.

We also meet Claire Reimann, played by Evangeline Lilly, a recovering architect addict who attends NA and explains her story and the lengths she would go to secure the precious script. Clean, now she explains she lives for her son, David, played by Billy Bryk. On the way from picking up groceries he is the victim of a hit. The police tell his mother it was an Oxycontin overdose.

This set her on a mission to find the drug supplier responsible for her son’s death. Driven by sorrow and anguish she hires a private investigator. Her efforts threaten to derail the FBI’s sting as their paths intersect.

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Once the story is set, we see the determination of each, a University professor who is lead by his conscience, a mother lead by grief, and an FBI agent lead by duty working toward a common goal of ridding the streets, one trafficker, one supplier, one company at a time.

Conscience plays strong in this film as each of the stories hit the moment of no return. Even against all odds of finding the supplier, of stopping big pharma of getting one person to understand or listen or simply standing up for what is right.

Crisis grabs the attention and moves fast through each of the stories as they intertwine. A contemporary dramatic thriller, Crisis brings together an all-star cast who deliver gripping character driven performances.

Crisis opens in select theatres and on demand Friday, February 26, 202. See it.

Land Review – Gripping, Mesmerizing, A Directorial Triumph


Country: Canadian, Belgium.

Language: English.

Runtime: 118minutes.

Director: Nicholas Jarecki.

Screenplay: Nicholas Jarecki,

Producer: Nicholas Jarecki, Cassian Elwes,

Cast: Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, Evangeline Lilly, Greg Kinnear, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Lily-Rose Depp, Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, Duke Nicholson, Veronica Ferres, Martin Donovan.

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