Home, Gardens: How To Turn a Yard Into a Luxury Resort

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Due to the growing emphasis on outdoor living, and less access to the usual vacation destinations, designers are showing their clients how to turn a yard into a luxury resort where they can escape without leaving home.

Lawns, yards, and acreage are not just for the tranquility, aesthetic value, and soothing panorama, anymore. Increasingly, contemporary lifestyles are using outdoor space as functional areas to supplement what interiors are missing.

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Homeowners that don't have dedicated rooms for spas, meditation, or relaxing downtime are discovering that a taste of nature has restorative effects that can't be imitated. Learning how to turn a yard into a luxury resort can increase the quality of life, not to mention a home's value. These backyard improvements are inspiring outdoor oases.

Horizontal Furniture

The most rejuvenating vacations are about lounging, not sightseeing or exploring, so decorators are bringing that spirit to backyards with reclining, nap-ready furniture. Rickety "outdoor" chaises are getting luxe, plush upgrades that would be just as appropriate inside the house.

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Other chaises are designed to be half-submerged in the pool for the best of both worlds. There is nothing more indulgent than the gentle rocking of cushioned, hanging swings, or a tricked-out hammock. But canopied daybeds may just be the ultimate symbol of resort relaxation.

Gourmet Cooking

Dining under the stars has long been a summer tradition, but outdoor kitchens are making the preparation part of the experience. Volunteer chefs don't have to excuse themselves to chop, cook, serve, and clean up; guests can even socially distance as they gather around counters made of granite, glass, and sealed marble.

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An outdoor kitchen can be a seamless extension of indoor comforts, surrounded by the ambiance of nature. The latest luxury kitchens boast pizza ovens, wine refrigerators, specialty burners, warming drawers, dishwashers, wet bars, and outdoor televisions.

A Private Retreat

Carving out a little slice of paradise usually begins with a water feature; the sound of running water can instantly transport someone to a world away from it all.

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The best designers who know how to turn a yard into a luxury resort will take their inspiration from the existing landscaping. That can mean finding a naturally quiet corner to isolate even more with oversized greenery or adding to natural rock formations with "living walls" of plants.

Haute Tease

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