Interview: Analyst, Author, George Carneal, Weighs in on The New Face of The Democratic Party (Q&A)

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Welcome to the new face of the Democratic Party with a White openly gay ex-small-town mayor leading who might become the youngest U.S. President in history, followed by a white openly Socialist White 78-year old.

Pete Buttigieg in 1st Place in the Delegate Count after the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary in the 2020 Democrat Presidential race. Bernie Sanders is second with 21 delegates, Elizabeth Warren third with 8, Amy Klobuchar fourth with 7, and Joe Biden in 5th with 6.  No other Democratic candidates have yet to win any delegates.

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Providing insight into frontrunner Pete Buttigieg's surging appeal is analyst George Carnel, author of the book, "From Queer to Christ."

Q: Why do you think American Democrat voters don't seem to have a problem with a gay presidential candidate, even in middle America Iowa and now New Hampshire? 

 A: Aside from their hatred of Trump, actor Rob Schneider said it best when he mocked California voters who "would vote for a bowl of sh**" if it had a D next to it.  Democrats, for the most part, seem incapable of looking at the full picture of what a candidate stands for. 

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For instance, if Bernie is pro-LGBT yet supports communism, do Democrats (and especially LGBT individuals) not understand the ramifications of communism/socialism and how it would negatively impact their lives?   In Pete's case, he's gay, it's time for a gay president so, therefore, he's qualified to be president.  And he's not.  Being gay is not a qualification for being president.  Pete couldn't even control the high crime rate in South Bend.

Q: What age groups have more problems with a gay candidate than others? 

A: I believe the older voters (50+) would have more reservations about voting for a gay candidate.  Sadly, when these voters die out, and because the kids today have been brainwashed by liberal universities, if the Democrats ever gain control again, this country is doomed.

 Q: Moving on to other issues represented by Pete Buttigieg, he has ripped the Republican Party for its hypocrisy over the condoning of border detentions with children being separated from families at the hand of federal agents.  Your response?

A: I find Pete's faux outrage nauseating regarding his concern for children while publicly stating he supports murdering unborn babies in the womb.  Stop blaming Trump and his administration for the handling of this situation, which was created by a prior president. Put the blame where it belongs....on parents who are ILLEGALLY trying to cross the border.

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Q: Pete has stated that the Democrats are committed to the separation of church.  What does that mean to you and do you have any concerns?

A: Pete has a very condescending tone when it comes to others who discuss their faith, i.e. Pence, Republicans, etc.   My faith is clear regarding these two points:   Abortion is murder and the destruction of the family unit will be the ruin of a nation.  He supports a party that advocates for abortion and pushing the LGBT agenda, an agenda that going after the minds of innocent small children. 

Homosexuality is pushed as 'normal' while faith, fathers, and families are ridiculed and demeaned.  Again, don't talk about children being separated at the border while supporting a party that teaches preschool children about homosexuality, masturbation, and anal and oral sex.  Democrats think we're stupid but we know their end goal is the destruction of the family unit, and silencing Christians and all opposition to the LGBT agenda. 

Q: Pete Buttigieg responded to Mike Pence in that if he had a problem with his sexuality to take it up with his Creator.  How would you respond to Pete?

A: When I listen to Pete's interviews in which he mentions "God", he never mentions Jesus.  I want to know what "god" he's talking about.  If it's the true living God, whose son, Jesus, came into the world to die for our sins, then I pose this question to him:   If God is OK with homosexuality, why is He bringing me and many other LGBT individuals OUT of that life?  God is not the author of confusion.  Someone is lying and it's not God.  

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Homosexuality is not compatible with God's Word no matter how the liberal theologians, Hollywood, the liberal media, and the LGBT activists twist Scripture.  It has been reported that Peter Buttigieg's father was a Marxist professor.  I want Pete to explain how he came to know Christ (if Jesus is indeed Lord of his life) after having been raised by a father with Marxist ideology.  Is Pete willing to publicly renounce any support for Marxism/Socialism/Communism?   If not, it's clear we have a wolf in sheep's clothing, and another slick talker, like Obama. 

Q: It has been reported that Pete is struggling to win over the Black Democrats.  Any idea why?   

A: Yes.  The African-American community is waking up to the deception of the Democrat party, a party that only pays attention to them when they need their votes, endorsements, and money.  Trump has a proven track record of how much he cares about the African-American community by what he has done in terms of jobs and low black unemployment, even securing endorsements from numerous African American leaders, pastors, and organizations.  If Pete thinks pandering to the African-American community will work, how did that work out for Hillary Clinton and her bottle of hot sauce?  

Q: You are a Baptist minister's son who was in the gay lifestyle for 25 years and are vocal about the reality of that lifestyle vs. the sanitized version of what Hollywood and the liberal media portrays.  What has the response been from the LGBT community?

A: I am hearing from LGBT individuals from all over the world who are miserable and want out of that life.  They don't know that it's possible to leave that life because the liberal media won't publish the success stories like mine and so many others and how, with Christ, all things are possible.    

Q: Tell us about your book, FROM QUEER TO CHRIST and where we may pick up a copy.

A: From Queer to Christ is available on Amazon. More information is available on my website at That's George C-A-R-N as in

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George Carneal, author of "From Queer to Christ", grew up in the '70s, raised by a Southern Baptist minister in the ultra-conservative Bible belt.  For years he struggled with his Christian faith and a same-sex attraction. 

George shares his painful journey through a secular world at odds with homosexuality, in addition to a religious world that is hostile to homosexuals.  Perhaps sharing his journey through the eyes, and mind, of a confused child dealing with a same-sex attraction will give some insight into the pain and difficulty of navigating these two worlds.

 George would eventually spend 25 years immersed in the homosexual lifestyle (mostly in the Los Angeles club scene) and shares the pitfalls of that life.  His story is not about glamorizing a life he once lived.   This is merely his journey and what he learned along the way.  Deliverance is possible.  There is hope in Christ.

George is a frequent speaker at churches and conferences, has worked with pastors who are struggling with how to address this issue, and has appeared on broadcasts including the Christian Television Network - Homekeepers program, World Net Daily, Stand In The Gap Today (American Pastors Network), Janet Mefferd Live, Christian Life Magazine 99.3 FM, Focus Today with Perry Atkinson (TheDoveTV), News & Views with Gregory Howard, Soaring Eagle Radio, etc., as well as contributing quotes to online articles for LifeSite News and The Christian Post.

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