Luxury Autos: The Best Tesla Aftermarket Upgrades and Accessories

Every Tesla driver needs to have an upgrade or two on their vehicle. Give your Tesla the best upgrades and accessories it needs to look good, function well, and always draw envious eyes everywhere it goes.

Tesla is a great car to customize. If you're looking for the latest aftermarket upgrades and accessories to try on your vehicle, try out these suggestions.

Having a Tesla means driving with luxury and a new sense of purpose. Sometimes having a functional car isn't the only thing a person needs—they want more. If spoiling your Tesla is all you want to do right now, check out this list of the best aftermarket upgrades and accessories to get.

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Trunk Organizers

Many people spend as much time in their cars as they do in their homes. During those long commutes to and from errands and work, trunk organizers can help make life feel more organized. A trunk organizer keeps personal items, groceries, work items, and more organized.

Focus on improving the car's current trunk storage with a brand-new organizer. There's no more worrying about losing items. In fact, it even discourages drivers from being messy, making it a must-have for many people.

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Vinyl Skins

Vinyl skins are the most modern way to add color to a vehicle's interior. These vinyl skins have adhesive backings, making them easy to press onto different parts of the car, including the dash, center console, and doors. Add a touch of color to any vehicle and dazzle everyone with customized interiors.

Powerwall Charger

Take up the chance to have a Tesla charger in your home. It's convenient for those who commute and drive more often and saves Tesla drivers more money in the long run. Drivers cut down energy usage and save more in mileage when they can charge their Tesla at home.

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The greatest perk of a Powerwall charger is the operating modes. These modes allow every Tesla user to control how much they charge their electric car. There's also a backup power reserve that stores a percentage of power to use in emergencies.

Customized Wheels

The customization every Tesla driver needs is customized tires. Tires represent the driver's personality, and high-quality tires help them drive safer on the roads. Ditch the stock Tesla wheels for something more personal, like aluminum tires. Aluminum is a durable material that doesn't rust and is long-lasting.

Open your mind to newer ways to spoil your vehicle. Give the gift of customization by browsing different aftermarket Tesla upgrades and accessories. After buying one or two enhancements, the vehicle will look more sophisticated, draw more envious eyes, and feel more functional.

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