World News: Covid-19 Crisis Gateway to the New World

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Between resumption of economic activity and reopening of borders, the world seems to have resumed the mode of operation that prevailed pre-pandemic, pondering only the relevance of growth and submission of man to economic laws.

Many believe the health crisis we are going through must be the gateway to a new world. The rhetoric however begins to feel rancid as the expression is used for everything and anything. But let's assume that the CoVID-19 crisis is the way to go from one world to another.

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The confinement, the return to oneself, meditation, introspection, de-globalization, ... in short! Everything is an excuse to ask for something other than what we have been experiencing for almost two centuries, namely a frantic race for profit, bringing comfort and progress.

Many political leaders around the world have called for a change in the economic model, starting with President Macron, for greater and deeper awareness of social, human, and environmental issues. Certainly!

Borders and Growth

The intention is laudable but it must be recognized that the reality is quite different. Proof of this is, among many others, the reopening of Italy's borders to travelers from the European Union.

The reason: tourism represents almost 17% of Italian gross domestic product (GDP) which, without being a highly talented economist, appears to be a vital part of the trans-alpine economy In France, the reopening of tourist areas (admittedly under certain conditions) while waiting for the turn of restaurants, bars, hotels, ... is recorded as the world's leading tourist destination and weighing 7.5 billion euros in French GDP, tourism is a vital sector.

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And what about the reopening of schools supposed to free them from their children to end state-compensated partial unemployment. In Germany, factories and services have resumed operations when other countries are anxiously awaiting the date of their deconfinement. And France, Italy and Germany are not the only ones who want to save their economy.

The reflex is human and natural but questions. Does economic growth bring progress and well-being as one can imagine? A collective of citizens and intellectuals mobilized for a long time on these questions, the FAIR (Forum for other wealth indicators) recently threw a block in the pond to question the liberal doxa.

Invisible Hand and Globalization

This same reflex continues to question whether we question Humanity who has become a slave to its economy and its imperatives when the reverse should prevail. The old world, which many believed was damaged by the coronavirus, is finally resurfacing, regaining its rights and prerogatives.

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The invisible hand described by Adam Smith, cantor of the classical economic school, is about to have made its mark on everyday life. "Is life before going back to normal then?" Some are surprised. It is still too early to say but approaching the health crisis as a mere incident in the course of integrated economies could also be a way of thinking that some will not dismiss.

Thus, for example, the relocation of key activities, some in any case, advanced by several leaders in reaction to the unbridled globalization which deprived part of the world of essential products during the crisis (masks, respirators, ...) could take place before several years, which will be spaces for negotiations and reflections on the relevance of the debate followed by the facts.

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One thing seems certain to date, the health crisis has upset a world steeped in certainties often assimilated to founding principles. It remains to be seen whether this upheaval was only a wave in a glass of water, annoying and fleeting, or a real upheaval, deep and radical. Only history will tell ... and therefore time.



Bio: Olivier Longhi has extensive experience in European history. A seasoned journalist with fifteen years of experience, he is currently professor of history and geography in the Toulouse region of France. He has held a variety of publishing positions, including Head of Agency and Chief of Publishing. A journalist, recognized blogger, editor and editorial project manager, he has trained and managed editorial teams, worked as a journalist for various local radio stations, a press and publishing consultant, and a communications consultant.

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