World News: Emmanuel Macron Faces His Defining Test

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What is macronism? Subject of interrogation which does not tire to question quidams and political scientists in a world turned upside down and in lack of markers. And if precisely, macronism was the fruit of the absence of vision.

Some have tried it and others will certainly seek to define it. Certainly. But what ? This question, which goes beyond all political divisions and annihilates them at the same time, concerns the definition of macronism. It is a safe bet that in the years to come, the question will still stir the spheres of historians and political scientists as the moment Macron destabilized and upset the French and European political game.

Unexpected in his election, elusive in the color of his action at the head of the state, at the same time liberal and social, democratic and sometimes terribly vertical in the implementation of the desired reforms, Emmanuel Macron detonates because he seems to advance with confidence and certainty without relying on a specific ideological corpus, inherited or invented.

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And if macronism was not that finally ... This ability to lead the state without reference to a specific political history, certainly reassuring for some but obviously bulky for others and for him in the first place.

Welfare State and Survival

If these predecessors had all, more or less, as imperious ambition to protect the State-Providence which is ours, Emmanuel Macron, without sweeping this necessity, does not seem obsessed by this constraint which it perceives more like an avatar than as an obligation.

This political UFO, coming from nowhere and out of his box like a beautiful devil, has mourned past ideologies deemed too heavy and inefficient. And in a country like France, steeped in convictions, which are more often articulated around ancestral prejudices than anything else, these ideological legacies, however brocarded and criticized, rightly or wrongly, without being voted on by voters, nevertheless appear. like landmarks, buoys beyond which it is advisable not to sail.

The admonition of heavy tax measures has thus angered the Yellow Vests, proof that the verticality of the decision we had lost the habit is not a way to govern. However, the lack of supposed backbone Emmanuel Macron policy could however lay the foundations for a new mode of governance.

A Vest to Breathe Better

Between pragmatism and realism, far from the ideological canons, which time and practice have transformed into a substrate more than roots, President Macron traces a new route, obvious for some, illegible (for a large majority) for others in a social universe in utter dereliction.

The reign of mediocrity and superficiality have, and also, allowed the emergence of Emmanuel Macron, the man appearing as a recourse or an opportunist able to interfere in the intertwining of a society maybe more concerned about the TV program or the latest videos posted on Youtube that the future of the country and Europe.

Mistrust and Negative

Is it reprehensible? Not naturally, but does it mean that the French have inherited the president they deserve? Nothing prevents us from thinking about it, but the macronism that we have to define so hard may also find its roots in etiolation of a society lacking landmarks and compasses.

To convince oneself of this, it suffices to dwell for a moment on the participation rates of the various polls, all of which reveal a real lack of interest in the French for politics and a real and worrying distrust of the political staff. That France is suffering from a deep crisis in its representative democracy is no longer a scoop!

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The idea has been so (and again here) advanced that it loses its relevance and originality but it remains nonetheless true. But the guilty and tainted inertia of our comfort is also responsible for the election of Emmanuel Macron.

He knew how to exploit the procrastination of past policies, the mistrust of the electorate. And the lack of a global vision of his competitors served his rise without compelling him to pose a clear plan. Also, and thus conclude, macronism today seems more written by default than by impression, by lack more than by abundance, as if it were the negative of a positive past and yellowed.


Bio: Olivier Longhi has an extensive background in European History, a seasoned journalist with fifteen years’ experience, he is currently a professor of history and geography in the Toulouse region of France. He has held varies positions within the publishing field including head of agency and chief of publishing. A journalist, recognized blogger, columnist and editorial project manager he has trained and directed editorial teams, worked as a journalist for various local radio stations, a press and publishing consultant and communication consultant.



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