Chinese, Australia Officials Confirm Black Box Pings

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Chinese and Australian authorities have both confirmed to the media picking up "pings" associated with what they cautiously hope is from the back box of missing Malaysian Airliner MH370 that disappeared one month ago.


"Investigations may go on and on and on. We have to clear every little thing." Inspector General Abu Baker said in a recent USAToday interview. "At the end of the investigation, we may not even know the real cause. We may not even know the reason for this incident," he said.

Australian officials joined the search, although not the lead agency, working with Navel and search and rescue teams from a dozen other countries, as the doomed jet was pinpointed via satellite, in what is known as "handshakes," pings generated from the plane to the satellite so that airlines can know where their planes are, approximately 2200km off the coast of Perth, Australia.

Exasperated over the sheer impossibility of the aircraft vanishing, the vastness of the search area and the lack of any supporting evidence lending to a conclusion has taken a toll on all parties.

After Malaysian official called off the search for missing jet MH370, other nations have vowed to search for the doomed jet as long as it takes to find the Boeing 777 that vanished into the night one month ago.

Although no conclusions have been released other than the stated obvious facts, the absence of a debris field lends itself to a conclusion that the plane went down intact. The lack of surface findings, breakage or other pieces provide also provide evidence of the conclusion that suggests the inability for articles to surface.

Malaysian Air officials, after nearly three weeks into the search, attempted to confirm all on board the ill fated jet had perished only to be met with harsh censure from Chinese authorities who vowed to take up the search.

Nearly two-thirds of the 239 passengers and crew members were Chinese citizens and traveling to Beijing the final destination of flight 370 that originated from Kuala Lumper.

In the month since MH370 vanished from radar, an acute re-creation has been underway. Without the planes black box, which is armed with a homing device that emits signals for a month, any conclusions are speculation.

With both an sea search and a land re-creation occurring simultaneously , flight crew, cargo, passengers and all vendor services which had any direct access to MH370 in pre-flight preparedness, at any time, is also under investigation.

Officials have yet to announce, although it is a foregone conclusion that all passengers, although cleared in the re-creation, will be subject to third party intrusive investigations, including electronic correspondence searches, personal relationships and all other associations.

Officials somberly admit, at this point, even the theories are exhausted. 

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