US Markets Stay Strong; DOW Continues Climb; World Markets Shaky

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The Dow Jones Industrial continued its upward trend throughout the recent week beginning slightly above 17,000 where it continued to rise from throughout the week, holding, the DOW never looked back closing strong setting a new record.


Monday, July 14 the DOW opened at 17,042.13 and it wasn't until Tuesday the market dipped slightly to 17,007 and not again until July 18, when it fell below 17,000 to 16,975.32 which set off a buying trend sending the DOW to 17,100.18 to close the week.

Big winners for the week include 3M (1.29/0.90%) trading 2.13M shares and a closing price of $144.83 per share, Boeing (1.76/1.40%) trading 3.11M shares and closing at $127.64 per share.  Exxon Mobile Corporation at $102.73 per share, Microsoft Corp, (0.18/0.40%), trading 43.41M with a closing price of $44.71 per share, all closed up in moderate trading.

Losers for the week included Ford at $17.72 per share, and GE at $26.46 per share.

The NASDAQ had a strong week closing at 4432.15 up 68.70/1.57% taking a tumble near weeks end and still managed to close up.

The S&P 500 ran alongside the DOW and NASDAQ, stayed strong and closed at 1978.22 with a gain of 20.10/1.03%.

World Markets

The World Markets were sharply divided with the three major America Market Indexes and the London Market showing clear growth and the Asian Pacific indices with eight of the 13 Asian world markets posting disastrous losses directly associated with the Malaysian MH 17 crash.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei continued a downward trend as news of the Malaysian Airlines crash sent the Asian markets into a tailspin. Falling steadily throughout the week, the Nikkei 225 closed at its lowest levels for the month at 15215.71 posting a loss at 154.55/1.01%.

FTSE 100

London Markets paralleled the US markets rallied from a disastrous final week in June staying strong throughout the five day trading period barely falling past the week high of 6874.45 to close at 6749.45 a net gain of 11.13/0.17%.

Hang Seng Index

The Hong Kong Markets also felt the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH 17 and experienced a volatile week of trading, not as disastrous at the Nikkei, and finishing the week closing at 23454.79 with a net gain of   -66.08/-0.28%.


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