Los Angeles Arts: King Tut Immersive Experience – Captivating, A Must See

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National Geographic's Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience, an event millenniums in the making, has finally arrived in the city of angels, to all the pageantry and allure a King, which has captivated generations should receive.

As a recreational student of Archeology whose influences began when my grandparents, who lived in India would tell our family stories of visiting Egypt and the Great Pyramids. This fascination with the region and the great discoveries of ancient civilizations, remained throughout my lifetime.

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Image Credit: Janet Walker.

The immersive exhibition begins with an introduction to Tutankhamun's rise to power as the boy king. The wall size screen provides vivid imagery beginning with an introduction to the location within Ancient Egypt's Valley of the Kings, towering structures, golden artifacts adorned with jewels, refined, and molded, the master craftsmanship evident in each element.

Image Credit: Janet Walker.

The next chamber adds to the acclimation of the lifestyle of King Tut and more captivating artifacts, available for interactive play and present a life of leisure, early board games, wealth and privilege, footwear made of gold with golden toe coverings and his family tree.

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Image Credit: Janet Walker.

After this chamber of ornate displays, the National Geographic's Beyond King Tut experience opens into a large, mirrored wall space where guests are immersed in animated stories of Tutankhamun reign filled with captivating animation presenting vignettes of Tutankhamun's reign, victories, and mythical battles. 

Shimmering golds as King Tutankhamun arises and is displayed throughout the cavernous chamber with intricate imagery replicating the astounding discoveries found when the archaeological dig discovered this miraculous burial chamber still intact.

Image Credit: Janet Walker.

King Tut, the boy king, has intrigued generations, royals, monarchs, presidents have all visited the original exhibition and in the decades since have remained enraptured by the discoveries.

Image Credit: Janet Walker.

For those who have ever been intrigued by Ancient Egypt civilizations and the idea of Egyptian burial chambers, rooms dedicated to the Kings and more holding gifts to the gods to ensure safe passage into the next life, this exhibit will only increase the desire to learn more.

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Image Credit: Janet Walker.

Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience is a cinematic immersive exhibition that takes guests on a journey to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. Journey to modern-day Egypt and see wonders of the ancient world like the Temple at Karnak and the Great Sphinx. Experience ancient history come to life and gaze at the Egyptian sun as it rises above the Pyramids of Giza, filling the sky with vivid color.

Image Credit: Janet Walker.

Travel back in time 3,000 years to the 18th dynasty when King Tut ruled and gods like Ra and Anubis were worshiped by all. Descend into King Tut's tomb, 100 years since its historic discovery and join him in his quest for immortality. Experience all of this and more in a story 3,000 years in the making.

National Geographic's Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience is a must-see experience!

Image Credit: Janet Walker.

When: Open Now Until February 26, 2023

Location: Magic Box LA – 1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90007

Hours of Operation:

Monday & Tuesday: Closed.

Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10am – 8pm (last entry 7pm)

Friday & Saturday: 10am – 9pm (last entry 8pm)

Image Credit: Janet Walker.

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Holiday Hours:

Christmas Eve: 10am – 5pm (last entry 4pm)

Christmas Day: Closed.

New Year's Eve: 10am – 5pm (last entry 4pm)

Image Credit: Janet Walker.

Hours of Operation (starting January 2, 2023):

Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10am – 4pm (last entry 3pm)

Friday & Saturday: 10am – 8pm (last entry 7pm)

Duration: The visit will take approximately one hour with final entry one hour prior to show close. The experience is self-guided so stay as long as you like!

Health & Safety: The well-being of staff and guests is our top priority and we will follow all local guidelines. To find out more about how we are keeping you safe, visit our FAQ.

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