Home, Décor: Tips to Protect Against Furniture Damage

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Luxury furniture is an investment that needs to be protected. Whether it’s a pricy chair or an antique side table, learn about common ways most furniture damage occurs to extend the life of rare or expensive pieces.

Even the best furniture pieces are susceptible to wear and tear. Knowing about potential threats allows homeowners to hold onto their most precious valuables. To avoid situations that could damage furniture, read on to learn more.

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The only way to maintain extravagant pieces is to know what to avoid. Here are some common ways most furniture damage occurs and how to prevent it.

Prolonged Sunlight Exposure

No matter the material used in creating a piece of furniture, sunlight can be one of its worst enemies. Harsh UV rays can dull and discolor vibrant shades and weaken the item’s integrity. It’s best to keep furniture away from windows and out of the sun. If this isn’t possible, hang drapes to block rays and protect valuable pieces.

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Damage From Pets

Another common way most furniture damage occurs is from pets. Even the sweetest of dogs and cuddliest of cats can cause harm to upholstery and leather furniture. The best way to avoid this kind of damage is to keep pets from lounging on expensive pieces. If this isn’t possible, invest in slipcovers, corner guards, and animal repellent sprays to protect the material from sharp teeth, claws, and animal hair.

Set-In Staining

When spills occur, it’s tempting to let them sit instead of dealing with them right away. However, set-in stains aren’t just ugly blemishes on fabric pieces; they can also severely damage leather and wood furniture.

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Leaving liquids on wood can cause antique furniture to warp, and the longer it’s left, the harder it is to remove. Protect sensitive surfaces from condensation and spills with coasters and clean up any mishaps as soon as they occur to avoid stains.

Incorrect Cleaning Products

Cleaning procedures differ depending on the material, and some furniture pieces require specific products. The care instructions for antique wood aren’t the same as those for leather, so be mindful when cleaning valuable pieces. Rough scrubbing with harsh chemicals can tear upholstery, and using the wrong products can discolor, warp, and flat-out destroy wood furniture. Avoid needing to replace a living room sofa or other essential pieces by carefully reading instructions and using the right cleaning products.

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The best way to keep furniture in good condition is by being proactive to avoid damage. Knowing about common hazardous will keep expensive pieces looking well-maintained and luxurious.

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