Gift Guide: Hand Sanitizer and Accessories Jump to Number 1 Stocking Stuffer Idea

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As the holiday season is upon us, Stocking Stuffer ideas have moved from the fun and frivolous to incorporating new normal functionality into our giving with pocket Hand Sanitizers taking the number one spot in gift giving.

Many will remember the empty shelves during the beginning of the year, as hand sanitizers were scooped with by the case? Now, as we continue to share love and joy throughout the season let's remember not to share germs. FDA approved hand sanitizers are still available for holiday gift-giving and make the perfect stocking stuffer for loved ones of all ages.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer, a favorite, emits a soothing aroma, is FDA approved and meets all the current FDA guidelines as we continue our fight against the coronavirus.


Since 1858, from the family of soap makers, Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer, is certified fair trade, 99.9% effective against germs and USDA Organic.

Dr. Bronner's is a family business committed making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality while dedicating our profits to help make a better world. recent causes we have supported include GMO labeling for food and the reintroduction of hemp farming to the U.S. In all we do, let us be generous, lair & loving to spaceship earth and all its inhabitants. For we're all-one or none! All-one!

Ingredients - Water, Organic Glycerin, Organic Lavender Oil.

Mah Jongg Wipes

Recently, while grieving from the sudden death of my mom in early 2020 and observing Clorox wipes flying off shelves due to COVID, I came up with an idea Mah Jongg Wipes. 

Why Mah Jongg? In February of 2019, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 72-years-old. When he passed away six months later, my mom was a wreck. Through the grief, we spent a great deal of time together, and we played a lot of Mah Jongg.

In the current climate, this may be a shocker, but my product, Mah Jongg Wipes allows players to protect their Mah Jongg sets and themselves by keeping their tiles clean and germ free. My mom truly loved Mah Jongg and in honor of both of my parents who passed within the last year, a portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to pancreatic cancer research in the hopes that one day, there will be a cure.

Masks, Hand Sanitizer holders and other necessities are also catapulting up the stocking stuffer chart.

Enter Vegan Leather Hand Sanitizer holder, stylish, practical, and a gift everyone can use - it's been called "the #1 stocking stuffer for Christmas 2020," and is Bachelorette approved.

Designed with premium vegan leather, Ventured Living's portable hand sanitizer holders allow people to protect their health with convenient sanitizing access, without the digging through a purse or pocket. Refillable bottles are included which save money are environmental sounds as they reduce plastic use.

Stylish and practical, Vegan Leather Hand Sanitizer holders currently sell for $15.99 for a set of two and can be found on Amazon.

For more information: The vegan leather hand sanitizer holder by Ventured Living.

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