Paris Fashion: Fahrad RE Resort Wear Collection - Sexy, Dazzling, Luminous

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The latest collection from Italian Fashion designer Fahrad Re showcases renewal and rebirth of the world with the freshness of Spring, emergence after a long winter, and the moment the monarch dazzles the eye and captures the heart.


A symbol. This is how Farhad Re wanted this capsule collection, reminding us that without nature, culture would not exist. The flutter of butterfly wings capable of triggering a tornado halfway around the world?


The metaphor is worn, knowing that he is the only man responsible for the annihilation of the living. What will happen then when the last wing flap of the last butterfly in the world occurs?

Paris Fashion: Aleem Yusuf Bridal Collection – Magnificent, Breathtaking, Gorgeous

Hope is in art. Three months of work were necessary for each creation, entirely cut, painted, and embroidered by hand. The elegance of each piece, the creation of beauty while we face the disastrous state of the planet, trying to make fashion virtuous, from its production to its distribution, is no longer enough.

We must scream, create, loudly protest through art never allowing winter to linger.

Paris Fashion: La Métamorphose FW20 Collection - Alluring, Sexy, Ultra Feminine

By transforming the woman in the most majestic of insects, sublime chrysalis with bright and iridescent hues, emerging from pollution like a purified renewal in creations made of silk organza and integrating recycled plastic, seeming to come alive when worn, like an extension of the flesh, - perfect fusion between the woman and what clothes her - Farhad Re wants to believe in the heralding vital forces more radiant auspices, and delivers us an essential message: beauty alone can save the world.

Photography: Greg Alexander for MÉPHISTOPHÉLÈS Productions.

Paris Fashion Week: Ziad Nakad Spring Summer 2020 Collection – Sensual, Dazzling, Provocative

Location: Art director Sebastien Vienne.


Hair, Make up: Carine Larchet for Eugène Perma & LaRochePosay.

Model: Tiffany Fournier.

Content Art Direction: Janet Walker.

HL Paris Fashion Week: Yohann Fayolle - Ultra Sexy, Superbly Stylish, The Ultimate Summer Collection

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