San Francisco Arts: Maybaum Gallery Presents Artists Belinda Fox

San Francisco's Maybaum Gallery is pleased to present Yield, our fourth solo show for Australian based artist Belinda Fox for the month of September and will be hosting a Artist Reception on September 7. RSVP required.

Maybaum Gallery is pleased to present Yield, our fourth solo show for Australian based artist Belinda Fox. Yield comprises the artist's recent work, a multidisciplinary array of two dimensional explorations into the everyday beauty of the natural world and the capacity of art-making to reflect the process and possibility in human transformation.

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Marked by a deep concern for the human experience and the natural world, Belinda Fox's work deploys a multitude of artistic techniques to address her expansive subject matter. Fox, who was born in Melbourne and formally trained as a printmaker, uses multiple material approaches in her compositions. A single image might contain the careful and considered lines of a masterful drawing combined with the loose and gestural application of watercolor or acrylic spray.

These starkly opposing methods are deployed so deftly that it can take the viewer a moment to sense how intricate and textured her works are. The control of her lines against the pulsing, slippery sense of color and pigment are a perfect metaphor for Fox's interpretation of the beauty and the chaos of living in the contemporary moment.

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"Yield has a double-edged meaning. It is a nod to the return of all the hard work that these shows embody, but it is related to my personal challenges of yielding to pressures – to give way to change and to appreciate the work I produce. My work is always grifting off everyday life and the bigger picture of politics and environmental challenges. For me, these things all mix together. A strong compositional flux is also in play throughout the show. Building foundations, breaking them down, nesting, protecting, celebrating nature's brilliance, and yielding to the powers of our complex lives whilst trying to be a better person, a better artist." Belinda Fox

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Each piece is an amalgamation of Fox's interdisciplinary practice. The very surface where her techniques intermix pays homage to Fox's roots in printmaking, mark making, textures, and materiality, and allows the viewer to observe the "worlds within worlds" that are so characteristic of her work. A feather in the wing of one of Fox's birds might contain an entire abstract painting in and of itself. These intricate details offer the viewer a contemplative experience, a portal to new ways of seeing and looking at the world, and a safe space to yield to its never ending dichotomies.

Belinda Fox has forged an international career, showing in Australia, USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Jakarta, working in printmaking, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. She has won numerous awards for her printmaking and drawing including the Paul Guest Drawing Prize, the Burnie Print Prize and the Silk Cut award for lino-cuts. She has received funding grants to undertake artist-in-residences in the USA, Greece, Singapore, Darwin, Perth, Sydney and Tasmania and she has participated in major survey exhibitions of contemporary Australian printmaking in the UK, China and Australian Regional galleries.

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Her work has been displayed at the National Gallery of Australia and collected by National, Regional and Corporate collections globally, including:

Kunstmuseum, Den Haag, the Netherlands
Paul Guest Collection, Bendigo Art Gallery, VIC
Janet Turner Print Museum, USA
Art Gallery of New South Wales
National Gallery of Victoria
National Gallery of Australia
Queen Victoria Museum, TAS
Parliament House Melbourne, VIC
QUT Art Museum, QLD

Belinda currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Maybaum Gallery is her exclusive US representative.

Maybaum Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
We kindly ask visitors to schedule an appointment for private viewings of the exhibition or a selection of artworks.

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