Portland Arts: Cosmic Shake - Dan Lam’s Fourth Solo Exhibition

The renowned Portland gallery Chefas Projects announces artist Dan Lam is proudly showcasing another stunning collection of new works. This is Dan's fourth solo exhibition Cosmic Shake at the gallery is an exclamation of her mesmerizing sculptures.

And this time around, she's elevated the bar to new heights exploring and creating new shapes and textures. Culminating her artistic expression, Dan's launched a refreshing new bold visual language and has pushed her personal boundaries to outerlimits with this show.

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"Through this exhibition, I am delving into my complete visual vocabulary while also enhancing it. I am introducing new textures to familiar shapes and exploring established textures on fresh shapes. This exhibition provides me with the opportunity to express my artistic language fully, which I haven't been able to do before. My aim is to continuously push the limits of my creativity and explore the endless possibilities," says Dan.

Fans, old and new, of her work will no doubt be tetched and owner of Chefas Projects, Stepanie Chefas is delighted to bolster Dan's work for a fourth time, and says, "Dan Lam walks the line between numerous dichotomies to uncover new modes of expression. By navigating the realm between attraction and repulsion, motion and stillness, seriousness and playfulness, softness and hardness, Lam wields magic power over each idiosyncratic vision. The experimentation remains palpable, but the work is never so abstract as to disengage. Compelled by these seemingly disparate juxtapositions, the viewer is overcome with a range of complex emotions and creative ideas."

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134 SE Taylor St.
Suite 203
Portland, OR 97214

Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Saturday
12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

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About Dan Lam
Internationally acclaimed, prominent contemporary artist and social media Influencer; Dan Lam is an artist based out of Texas, US. Lam's sculptural work expresses and plays with sensational dichotomies by combining unconventional materials, organic forms, and bright colors. With contrasting themes verging on beauty and grotesqueness at once, Lam's art provokes its viewers to ponder meaning and existence while inspiring feelings of familiarity and wonder. Curiosity, play, and fun are the foundation of where Lam's work begins. Her experimentation results in beautiful sculptures created with various materials such as foams, polyurethanes, resins, acrylics, and polymers, which defines her style. She has exhibited worldwide, and celebrity clients include Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, The Game, and Lily Aldridge.

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About Chefas Projects
Chefas Projects is the labor of love from its owner, Stephanie Chefas, who started independently curating art exhibits for over a decade in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Now calling Portland home since 2014, Chefas retains an eye for cutting-edge and often challenging work that demands attention. Highlighting a diverse blend of contemporary artists from around the world, the gallery features monthly exhibitions with an emphasis on cultivating new talent and encouraging risk and evolution among established visionaries.

Chefas also maintains her unique ability to coordinate group shows with distinct concepts that allow artists plenty of breathing room to interpret and explore. Chefas Projects is the result of both passion and dedication as well as commitment toward sharing the best in contemporary art with enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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