Last Resort Review - Fast Action Powered by Intense Fight Scenes

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Last Resort, from Saban Films, presents a fast action heist triller as a mercenary sets out to rescue his family held hostage by a team of killers hired to secure a mysterious cache locked in a bank vault.

The film begins with a mysterious operative entering a bank. Minutes later he is walking across the street explaining that the case is secure, it is in the bank vault, and he will arrive in 30 minutes to complete the transaction. Intent on his phone, he doesn't see the car barreling down the street. He is killed.

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Immediately we are in the home of Michael Reed, played by Jonathan Patrick Foo, who is crashed on the couch, watching old Popeye cartoon reruns, essentially vegging out on nothing at all. His wife, Kim, played by Julaluck Ismalone, appears, and she begins what seems like an old and well-worn argument over his activities in between missions. She leaves the divorce papers on the table.

She and their daughter Anna, played by Angelina Ismalone, leave and are at the bank, where she is moving ahead with trying to close their joint account and opening a personal account. The assistant bank manager, played by Yannawee Khuptawetin, is helping her and steps away from the desk to retrieve the new account print out.

During this time, a group of men are playing soccer in the front of the building. After a few minutes of passing the ball to each other, one of them misses the pass and it rolls at the feet of a security guard. He kicks it back, and the ball is stopped by the leader whom we later find out is named Cooper, played by Clayton Norcross, who kills the guard. We understand immediately he is ruthless.

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He orders the men to "gear up" and we see the group of soccer players pull weapons from the fountains, from the bushes, the group of men rush the bank, taking everyone hostage.

Cooper demands the Bank Manager, played by Sivakorn Virojanadul, open the vault and the state-of-the-art fingerprint scan and when it won't open, he explains the system was upgraded yesterday and the override is in his office.

When they get to his office, they find the assistant manager hiding under his desk. What begins as a simple snatch and grab becomes a prolonged hostage crisis as the Assistant Bank manger triggered the silent alarm, which makes opening the vault impossible and notifies the local police. She is executed.

By now, the media has gathered, and police have set up a perimeter. Michael sees reports of the robbery in progress and tries to call his wife's cell. He makes it to the bank and sees her car in the lobby, fearing he worst he decides to breech the building.

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With only simple clues, we are unaware that Michael is ex-special forces and a trained assassin. Within minutes are he begins his decent into the building he becomes a one-man-army and brutally neutralizes the gang of thieves. We are also unaware the cache that was placed in the bank was filled with a highly lethal nerve gas that if released could wipe out the city.

Last Resort is an intense action thriller powered by breathtaking fight choreography. The riveting mixed marital arts combine modern-day weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. As the majority of the film is focused on the action, the scenes become fiercer as the terrorists begin to appear in doubles and triples and the stronger combat scenes deliver heavy military action.

Last Resort, a fast moving, testosterone fueled, action thriller slams into theaters tomorrow, Friday, January 6th and on VOD next Tuesday, January 10th. See it.

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Country: Thailand.

Language: English, Thai, with English Subtitles.

Runtime: 109 minutes.

Director: Jean Marc Mineo.

Producer: Francois Enginger, Francesco Di Silvio, Mehdi Hani.

Writer: Jean Marc Mineo.

Cast: Jonathan Patrick Foo, Julaluck Ismalone, Angelina Ismalone, Clayton Norcross, David Ismalone, Naruecha Chaimaroeng, Komson Sroymora, Alex Santi, Sivakorn Virojanadul, Yannawee Khuptawetin, Armin Parvin, Olivier Pernet, Wayid Pongyeela, Chonaha‐na saichanhom, Yoann Gouaida, Drunphob Suriyawong, Araya Chansdi, Kwanchanok Kotpooveang, Pacharakrit Thongplengsri, Wantanee Chanachaiyangyuen, Kritapas Chandanabodhi, Komsan roekdee, Maniyanan Limsawast, Thanadon butsaen, Opas Suttipien, Olivier Parnet, Skulgan Phiphobmongkol, Saree Nualla‐ong.

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