Gift Guide: Komarc Games Liven up The Holiday Season

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With the 2022 holiday shopping season approaching quickly, Komarc games, known for manufacturing games that are fun, while teaching children motor, spatial and balance skills, are at the top of every parent's gift giving list.

Let's Play!, the Komarc brand slogan has been growing their brand of award winning games, many suitable for all ages and celebrate family fun, for more than thirty-five years. 

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The recent success of Tummple!, (MSRP $21.99), the building game that stacks wood bricks called "tumps" one upon another strategically, as directed by a roll of the dice, building up until the final piece brings the entire tower tumbling down, which exploded across American and Asia, has spawned Tummple Mix, (MSRP $21.99), a more complex tower building endeavor and increases the wood "tumps" sizes and introduces a time challenge.

Tummple Mix also includes a new Brick Shuffling Mobile App with timer and point calculator. Download to your phone and press START! The Shuffler App will indicate what brick to grab and what side to place, or what "tump" to use. Quickly make the placement before the time runs out! If you hear the alarm before you're able to place the brick, keep the brick, lose your turn.

Holiday gift-giving was never easier, as both Tummple! and Tummple Mix are designed for chidlren of all ages and are great party games.

Face The Mountain, (MSRP $29.99), the English version of Uzato, another award winning Komarc game, test the palyers balancing skills by lifting a long row of rocks up and down the mountain! It takes steady hands and intense focus to make a successful lift.

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Face the Mountain players add color designated disc to an ever-growing string of "rocks" placing them where they are directed through a deck of cards. The longer the string of rocks the more challenging it becomes to move the entire string in one movement. It's particularly challenging since there's nothing holding the rocks together… just the exact amount of pressure and good dexterity. Be careful… too much pressure or too little… too slow or too quick… makes all the difference in a successful lift or failure.

Komarc Games suggests three games for solo or multiplayer fun that involves strategic thinking (Tummple! $21.99), and the advanced time challenged (Tummple Mix $21.99), that offers an optional app for those that just can't resist having a tablet or smartphone nearby, and the balance game, (Face The Mountain $29.99).

"We love games that test our physical skills," explains J.D. Needham, VP of Sales for Komarc Games, "and make us laugh out loud. We also love games that are strategic and exciting for the whole family!" He is referring to Komarc's flagship game, tummple!, that has gained worldwide accolades and buzz from Europe and Asia to Australia and now North America. The hands-on game tests a player's dexterity and spatial reasoning.

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"This game is incredibly easy for players of all ages and makes a fantastic family game," wrote one Amazon shopper. "Everyone can easily be independently involved with very little "instruction" needed after the basics of the game are explained. This is a big plus for those playing with younger children who like to be involved." "tummple! is a simple dexterity game," reviewed blogger Dale Yu of The Opinionated Gamers then added a key piece of advice -- use a sturdy table! "We first played on a folding table, and it didn't go well. As the structure grew ever taller, even a small jostle of the table was enough to get the whole thing swaying. Even putting your hands on the table became dangerous. After that first game, we've moved all later games to the ping pong table which is on top of my pool table. Completely level and completely stable!"

About Komarc Games

Komarc's original operations began and focused on Asian and European distribution in 2010. Then distribution in the United States began in 2021. Komarc Games was founded by American game designer Bruce Shadorf.

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The company's flagship product is tummple!, which has sold over 200,000 units worldwide since its 2014 introduction. Komarc's products are known to be fun with high replay value. Because the games are simple to play, they appeal to a large target audience from children to teens to adults. Discover the fun at

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