Book Review: Filthy Rich Lawyers: The Education of Ryan Coleman – A Must Read

Filthy Rich Lawyers: The Education of Ryan Coleman, from Speaking Volumes Books, brings to the pages a comical satire of the legal system with enough shock, humor, and awe to inspire the legal eagles to change specialties.

A finalist in the 2022 American Fiction Awards, Filthy Rich Lawyers, across 284 pages, provides an insider's deep dive into the legal world and reveals the antics and surprising ways in which our system of class-action law enables (mostly) men to get ridiculously wealthy and behave like sophomoric frat boys.

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Co-Author Brian Felgoise said, "How they use their money and power will shock, amuse and entertain readers." He continued, "As media billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman once said, referring to some lawyer's self-indulgence and unbridled hubris, 'Practicing law is the exact opposite of sex. Even when it's good, it's bad.'"

As the novel opens, we see the promise of big payouts lure a young attorney into sordid world of class-action lawsuits. With tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in this world, the attorneys will do almost anything to reap the rewards.

The satirical legal thriller from Felgoise, who has been practicing class-action law for more than 25 years, and co-author David Tabatsky, is filled with scenarios loosely based on real-world interactions that Felgoise had with lawyers, judges, and plaintiffs.

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"I laughed out loud at the salty wise cracks on most every page," said Matt Flynn, author of Milwaukee Jihad. "But underneath the lightning paced humor is a serious message about corruption in class action litigation. Filthy Rich Lawyers is a hilarious satire about a very real problem." 

The story begins in a Texas courtroom, where Ryan Coleman, a young, ambitious lawyer from Philadelphia, is chasing his share of a class-action lawsuit involving a multi-national defense contractor. After getting reprimanded by the judge for speaking out of turn, Coleman meets Robert Smalley, a brilliant attorney and borderline criminal who boasts that, "I have the greatest practice of law in the world because I have no clients."

And with that, Coleman is drawn into a hedonistic world of wealth and power at the core of Filthy Rich Lawyers.

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Included in the cast of colorful characters is Eugenia "Gene" Cauley, a female shark in the male-dominated legal world whose life spirals tragically out of control, and Randy Hollis, an insanely successful lawyer turned multi-billionaire, who is pursuing his ultimate American dream: buying a professional football team. Coleman becomes Hollis' "errand boy," but as Hollis is investigated by journalists, law associations and government agents, Coleman must decide if he wants to remain in this sordid circle.

Federal prosecutor Patrick Coyle wants to take Hollis down because of an old grudge. He aligns with Dick Dickey, former Secretary of Defense and CEO of a military contractor, to ruin Hollis and Coleman. When an escort mysteriously dies in Hollis' penthouse, Coleman becomes an unwitting accomplice and must choose between protecting his boss and saving his marriage or telling the truth and risk going to prison.

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Felgoise and Tabtsky's second book in the Filthy Rich Lawyers series, In Due Time will arrive on bookshelves in 2023.

Filthy Rich Lawyers, Book One: The Education of Ryan Coleman is a must read and available to pre-order on Amazon Books.

Filthy Rich Lawyers, takes the reader into the world of class action lawsuits, the big money payouts, and the do anything's that will, well, do anything. If you enjoyed any satirical and insightful legal television series, you'll love book one of Filthy Rich Lawyers. Trust me it is the law like you've always believed.


Title: Filthy Rich Lawyers: The Education of Ryan Coleman.


Release Date: October 5, 2022.

Pages: 272.

Size: 6x9 in.

Binding: Paperback.

ISBN: 9781645407829.

eISBN: 9781645407812.

Genre: Legal Suspense.

Edition: An SV Original Publication.

MSRP: $17.95.

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