Auto, Yachts, Jets: The Most Popular Modifications for a Tesla

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Teslas are the most luxurious vehicles available and personalizing it with a unique appearance is easier than many people think. Before enhancing an electric vehicle, review the top modifications and alterations for Tesla's around the world.

There's no doubt that Tesla's are some of the most luxurious vehicles on the market today. One of the features that make the Tesla model Y so unique is that it's easy to customize. There are many ways to upgrade a Tesla and take it to the next level. Discover the most popular modifications on the market for a Tesla.

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Screen Protector

All new Tesla models come with a touch screen that allows users to obtain information and control the vehicle. Over time, this smooth screen collects dust, debris, and fingerprints. It's even prone to scratches and other forms of damage. Place a thin protector over the screen to prevent these issues. This thin and virtually invisible film protects the screen and makes it easier to clean.

Puddle Lights

Customizable puddle lights are certainly on the list of the most popular modifications for a Tesla. Tesla owners can customize the color and image used for their puddle lights, and these lights only take a few minutes to install.

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In addition to the aesthetic they create, puddle lights also increase safety for drivers and passengers by lighting the areas around the vehicle.

Center Console

Center consoles provide additional storage space and hold cups or bottles securely. For additional protection, add a carbon fiber console cover. These small yet significant upgrades ensure that the interior of your Tesla remains in the best possible condition.

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Electroluminescent Paint

Electroluminescent paint truly looks as if it is from the future. With electroluminescent paint, an owner can create designs and animations that light up their Tesla's exterior. The electric current running through the car triggers this specialized paint, causing it to light up as a result. If you stop the electric current, the paint will no longer light up. This paint is a sure way for a Tesla to stand out from all others on the road at night.

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