Accessories: A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Mixing Metals

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Jewelry elevates any look into something more. However, without a solid grasp on how to mix various jewelry types and still achieve a sophisticated look, pairing the right jewelry with the right attire can become a challenge.

Jewelry reflects status and style. However, as the industry continues to offer diverse and stunning options, jewelry-lovers are finding themselves with gorgeous jewelry that doesn't follow a single aesthetic. Luckily, metal mixing is a growing trend among all ages. Use this jewelry lover's guide to mixing metals and learn some tips for success before crafting new, stunning looks.

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When there's a diverse collection of metals in your jewelry box, successfully mixing pieces becomes a challenge. Read on to discover some tips for success!

Consider Skin Tone

The warm and cool tones of your skin can provide a fantastic guide for mixing metals. For example, silver looks fantastic on people with fair complexions and blue undertones, but it can disappear if worn on its own with other pale tones. When mixed with gold, it can bring out unwanted pinkness in the skin. Dark complexions look incredible with gold and bronze-toned metals, while silver and white gold can add an impactful highlight to warm undertones.

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Pair Watches With Jewelry

Anyone who wears a watch must remain conscious of it as part of their accessorizing. When incorrectly paired with other metal jewelry, a watch stops being a subtle accent. Keep the main jewelry pieces in the same color scheme family, whether silver, gold, rose gold, or otherwise, to marry the overall look.

Use Eye Color as a Guide

Eye color can also influence what metals mix well. Gold jewelry pairs well with any eye color, but there are key differences between white and yellow gold and each type's impact. Cool golds like white gold can complement piercing, cool-toned eyes, while yellow golds add warmth and complement darker tones. Pair each gold with a metal in the same color temperature to truly accentuate your eyes.

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Keep It Simple

Mixing metals is a fantastic way to show off multiple pieces from a collection at once, but more isn't always better. Sometimes, the best look is the simplest one. Simple outfits encourage maximalism in jewelry, but if an outfit has multiple layers, colors, or textures, consider avoiding metal mixing entirely.

Consider Making a Statement

In most situations, it's wise to remain within the same color temperature when mixing metals. However, fashion is one area that always welcomes statements. Mixing cool and warm metals in small ways can create impactful contrast. Layering delicate gold and silver necklaces suggests an abundance of luxury, while mixed metal rings can give an independent and artistic feel.

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Trust your instincts. This jewelry lover's guide to mixing metals provides a foundation for crafting fashion-forward outfits, but it isn't the end-all-be-all of accessorizing. Experiment with unique pairings to discover a fashion combination that works!

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