Benefits, Social Events: Tips for Throwing an Extravagant Party

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Planning large events doesn't have to be left up to the pros. Anyone can take a party to the next level by putting in the time and effort to provide a larger-than-life experience for guests.

Before putting plans into motion, do a little research on venues and entertainment options. This guide will provide any prospective party planner with a few tips for throwing a more extravagant party. Throwing a party for a special occasion makes for a memorable experience. Follow some of these tips for throwing a more extravagant party than ever before.

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Choose the Right Venue

A party can be thrown practically anywhere. However, not every venue can hold a large number of people (more than 50). There are plenty of options to consider, from private homes to local parks, but those options might not be the best fit. Consider renting out a banquet hall at a hotel to accommodate attendees. Banquet halls don't have to be exclusive to weddings. Milestone birthdays and even retirement parties can utilize these spacious venues.

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If a banquet hall isn't available, consider renting some time at a concert hall or conference center. If the party has a sports theme, a golf course or sports venue can be a great option.

Cater in Quality Food and Beverage

No party is complete without some high-quality catering. If guest numbers reach well over 50, enough food and drinks will be needed to keep everyone fed. Approach a few trendy restaurants in the area that provide catering services.

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Before making a final catering decision, consider whether any guests have dietary restrictions or food sensitivities. If the party is predominantly made up of individuals over 21, an open bar might be a suitable option. Choose practical but unique dishes to offer the guests, and they'll be talking about it long after the party is over.  

Hire Top-Notch Entertainment

An extravagant party needs incredible entertainment. To get guests more involved in the party, consider hiring a DJ to provide music. Ask friends and family who've recently hosted weddings or parties if they can recommend someone. Otherwise, read online reviews about local DJs to find the perfect fit.

Consider renting a portable dance floor if the venue doesn't provide one. Karaoke can allow an even more interactive experience for guests who enjoy singing their favorite hits.

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Throwing a more extravagant party for special occasions can break up the monotony. Make any party memorable by choosing large venues, creative food, and high-quality entertainment options.

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