Home, Gardens: Tips to Upgrade Any Pool

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Searching for the perfect upgrade to transform any outdoor space into resort living? Here are six luxurious tips bound to inspire changes to any pool and guaranteed to make your backyard feel like a resort.

Water Feature 

For pools to feel like spas, they need to have a feeling of serenity. Immediately upgrade your pool with a running water feature such as a waterfall or fountain to give the space a calming white noise. Running water can also be an added play feature for families with kids. It’s the best of both worlds, as it enhances the space and creates a new level of fun.

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Rock Display

If you decide to add a waterfall, consider installing it on a large rock display. Rock displays are versatile, and they can also house waterslides or grottoes. Not to mention, a large rock display adds a natural aesthetic to a space.

Pool Bar

With a pool bar, you’ll never want to go out again—and you’ll also never want to leave the pool again. A swim-up bar can make any backyard feel like a beachside resort, and the set isn’t complete without built-in bar seats for relaxing all day in the water.

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Spending all day out by the pool can get hot. And unless someone is looking for a tan, they’ll want a spot to hang out in the shade. So, bring a little bit of Las Vegas to the pool with a private cabana! Cabanas can have nicer outdoor furniture than areas that aren’t covered, so you can get the poolside couch of your dreams to stretch out across.

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If you want the house to stand out, then add the kinds of features that only commercial pools usually have, such as a waterslide. The kids will be extra thankful, but a fun amenity such as a slide is the kind of thing people of all ages can enjoy. For pool-owners worried about brightly colored plastic tubes ruining their spaces’ ambiance, the previously mentioned rock feature can seamlessly incorporate a more natural-looking slide.

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Pool House

Adding a pool house is possibly the most difficult of these projects, but it can also easily be the best amenity for improving a backyard living space. You’ll need a permit from the city, but afterward, a pool house will provide an extra living space that will increase the property’s value. Use your new pool house to watch sports, to house a bar, or as a guest apartment.

Adding one of these amenities is a wonderfully luxurious way to upgrade a pool area.

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