Fashion: Tips for Luxury Fur Coat Care

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Be it Mink, Chinchilla, Fox, Sable, or Lynx owning a natural fur coat is a status symbol. However, as most people don't wear their fur coats year-round, they may find these garments challenging to maintain.

For these luxury fashion statements, special care is needed to keep the luxurious look for the life of the coat. This guide will teach show you how to care for a fur properly with some simple basic care tips, that lavish look and feel will last for many seasons.

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If you think that taking care of a fur coat is difficult, check out these simple fur coat care tips that may inspire you to finally purchase the fur your dreams and as any fashion consultant will explain learning how to store and clean your luxury coat is paramount to maintaining its natural beauty, style, look, and luster.

How to Store: Room Style and Luxury Garment Storage Bag

Storage for a luxury fur begins with the right hanger. Never use a wire hanger for a fur coat. Instead, use a broad-shouldered hanger and give it extra room in the closet to ensure it doesn't get crumbled. Moisture can damage a fur coat. Make sure the closet it hangs in is well-ventilated and free of excess moisture. If the coat gets wet from rain or snow, shake it out and let it dry before putting it away. When storing a fur coat for long periods, use a dust bag. A 100 percent cotton bag is ideal for fur coats. Don't use plastic because it doesn't allow for ventilation.

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How To Wear a Fur Coat

You can prevent the coat from matting by removing brooches. Further, don't use a shoulder bag with natural fur. When wearing real fur, always wear something beneath it to avoid staining the fabric. Additionally, prevent crushing the fur by hanging the coat rather than folding it. Don't sit for long periods while wearing a fur coat.

Professional Cleaning

During a professional cleaning, experts will inspect the coat for tears and stains. They will remove the lining of the coat and send separate parts through a drum to be tumbled with sawdust. The dust removes oil and other moisture. Cleaners then vacuum the coat to remove excess sawdust and residue. Finally, electric rollers help the fur stand up and separate.

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Inspect for Damage

One can inspect their fur coat for damage in between professional cleanings. Experts may charge an added fee to sew new zippers into a fur coat. Know how to tell if a broken zipper can be repaired before having it replaced or deciding to throw it away. The basic fur coat care tips you need to know are how to clean and store your coat to ensure it doesn't get damaged in the first place. Further, wearing the coat properly will prevent damage.

Following these simple tips will help keep your luxury fur striking, gorgeous and magnificent for years to come.

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