Home, Décor: The Best Paint Colors for Home Staging

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There are multiple facets of successfully staging a home. One of them is depersonalizing every nook and cranny of the property without losing its elegant look or atmosphere. Choosing the right wall paint colors is key.

When homeowners stage their property for potential buyers, they have to prioritize depersonalization. One of the best methods for depersonalizing is swapping out the wall paint for shades with a broader appeal.

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Orange and purple look great in homes, but they're not the best paint choices for attracting buyers. This guide will help home sellers easily identify and use the best paint colors for home staging.

Intro to Neutrals

When homeowners stage their property, it's understandable for them to lean into a color scheme that appeals to them instead of the buyer. Thankfully, finding the right color palette for home staging is simple: always go for neutrals.

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The best neutral colors for painting walls are white, beige, and gray. Even if the homeowner prefers vibrant shades of red or orange, the aforementioned neutrals deliver a softer appearance without hindering warmth or elegance.

Why Neutrals Work

Some light gray wall paint is great for areas where you want to maximize classiness and space, such as the dining room. Paint colors can make rooms feel cramped or spacious; the latter is invaluable when it comes to home staging. White wall paint also has a reputation for making rooms feel more spacious, but only if it's a warmer tone.

As with any color, white comes in many different tones and shades, so homeowners shouldn't grab the first white paint can they see. Instead, go for a warm shade of white paint to boost space and classiness. White is a great go-to for creating the illusion of space in areas such as the bathroom. Since it's a small area, the right shade of white will help it look as welcoming and comfortable as the rest of the house.

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When a home seller thinks "beige," they might think "muddy brown," but that's far from what beige is. This is why any home seller should learn how colors affect a room's mood; there are nuances to paint colors that not all newcomers understand at first. An earthy beige is perfect for any room that benefits from a relaxing, welcoming feeling, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

To put it simply, the best paint colors for home staging are neutral colors. The specific neutral a homeowner chooses depends on what emotional impact they're hoping to achieve.

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Each house is unique, and so are the design choices that home sellers must make when appealing to buyers. Home staging is a way to move properties off the market quickly; strategically using the right neutral paint colors will help sellers do that successfully.

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