Home, Décor: Hosting Tips for an Incredible Brunch

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Mothers are amazing. The opportunity to host a wonderful woman in your life is almost here, and we need to make the occasion truly special. We suggest following our tips for hosting an incredible Mother's Day brunch.

Few things are better than celebrating Mom with a beautiful and unforgettable spread. We put together a quick guide to hosting a memorable Mother's Day brunch.

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Set Up a Stylish Table, Then Follow Up with Flowers

Before decorating the space, solidify a color palette for the event. Consider soft spring-inspired hues, such as blush pink, buttercream yellow, lavender purple, and sage green. We can incorporate these colors into our table settings. Place cloth napkins on each plate and remember to lay out quality cutlery for each guest.

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Work with siblings to put together a fabulous floral arrangement for the lovely lady that includes all her favorites, whether they're lilies, roses, tulips, or other beautiful blossoms. No doubt, she'll smile at the breathtaking bouquet her children assembled and want to display them for all to see.

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Map Out a Mom-Approved Menu and Bring Out Beverages

Brunches are about the food, and the menu must include all of Mom's delights. Does she prefer sweet over savory? Consider fluffy crepes, French toast, pancakes, or waffles topped with decadent chocolate flakes or tart berries. If she enjoys rich, flavorful dishes, think about a vegetable quiche or bagels and lox. No matter the proposed course, Mom will surely beam with every bite.

The meal simply isn't complete without divine drinks. Think about beverages that effortlessly complement the cuisine. Typically, this calls for crisp champagne, a classic cocktail, or brunch-appropriate wine. Prepare to provide non-alcoholic options as well, such as a refreshing juice, specialty coffee, or herbal tea.

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Gather Gifts

Post-brunch is an ideal time to present gifts to Mom. Need ideas for what to give? For an item that's more personal, consider a carefully curated photo album; before Mother's Day arrives, compile old pictures into a scrapbook—which will certainly encourage hours of reminiscing at the table.

Because we're in between seasons, a luxurious sweater also makes a great gift. She'll appreciate a cozy knit for the coming weeks' cool mornings and evenings. Finally, nobody can go wrong with a little jewelry; a necklace or earrings will really showcase Mom's stunning sense of style.

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We hope these tips for hosting an incredible Mother's Day brunch can aid in creating a memorable experience for all family members.

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