Trigger Point Review – A Sleeper Hit, Action-Packed Thriller

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Trigger Point, from Screen Media, brings to the screen an action-packed espionage thriller, with a slow intriguing build, that begins with the quick assassination of eight undercover special operatives, forcing everyone into deep cover concerned they are next.


After the quick assassination of eight undercover special operatives the film moves quickly to a small town on Long Island's east end and a quaint idyllic appearing life of Lewis, aka Nicolas Brazer, played by Barry Pepper, a retired special operative.


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Known around town, at the diner and the bookstore as Lewis, our first hint that Lewis may not be exactly who he appears is his rustic appearing farmhouse, which has a renovated ultra-modern interior with hiding places and hidden rooms all behind the appearance of drab, distressed, weathered wood.

After the mass assassination, he is blamed for the exposure, and ultimately the assassinations, which forced him, and nearly everyone in the network to go underground. A tiny little town, with limited traffic, no newcomers is the perfect place to disappear into a life of solitude and indignity. 

Of course, this quiet life is interrupted one day when a stranger begins to ask questions which moves us into the second act.

Throughout he is having flashbacks of a torture scene. Held captive, he was waterboarded and given injections to force him to reveal the names of the deep operatives. He is continually trying to remember the voices, the scene, the smells, adding pieces of the hidden puzzle hoping to find the shadowy stranger who framed him.

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Soon Nicolas is drawn back into the secret world of espionage, where the most dangerous are shielded in the shadows and known only by name. Determined to clear his name, he agrees to help his former handler Elias Kane, played by, Colm Feore, whose daughter, Monica, played by Eve Harlow, also an operative, has been taken hostage.

This begins the encounters with the underworld, deep operatives, and a militia of enemies. We see throughout Nicolas is more than a quick trigger, a tech specialist, he can manipulate security systems from his phone, with numeric memorization skills.

Able to operate alone, he manages to destroy the secondary team and, in the process, determine the truth of each piece of the puzzle. With the life also comes with the double cross. For Nicolas, a loner, with few friends and no family, he is the scape goat and when sides are chosen, he is once again the target.

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Trigger Point is a sleeper hit. With a well-written story, hidden details throughout the film draw the viewers right into the world. The ensemble cast each deliver compelling, believable performances.

Utilizing wide open spaces, the cinematography is appealing and inviting.

Trigger Point, an Intriguing, compelling, absorbing espionage thriller. Captivating from the beginning. The film expertly pulls the audience into this unknown world where double cross is a job requirement and loyalty lines are blurred and based on an as needed basis.

Trigger Point premiers in select theaters, April 16, 2021 (Check local listings). And will be available On Demand April 23, 2021.

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Country - USA.

Runtime – 82minutes.

Writer - Michael Vickerson.

Director Brad Turner. 

Producers - David Ozer and Tim Rouhana. 

Cast - Barry Pepper, Colm Feore, Laura Vandervoort, Eve Harlow, Jayne Eastwood, Karen Robinson. 

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