Su Gologone Hotel, Sardinia, Italy, Offers Half Term Getaway

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Su Gologone, the hotel that embraces Sardinia’s most genuine traditions and culture, welcomes families during half term breaks with a selection of culturally infused activities both children and parents are bound to enjoy as they unplug from stressful city life.

From creative workshops to culinary experiences and exciting excursions, guests will naturally feel a tranquility and calm return as they unwind in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.


With 20 different art exhibitions around the common areas and the bedrooms, art and creativity play a main role in Su Gologone’s rich heritage.


The hotel offers creative courses for kids and their parents inspired by the green surroundings in which Su Gologone is situated. Painting courses offer the opportunity to feel like a real artist whilst working with a variety of tools. Ceramic decorating is also available and embroidery/needlework workshops for would be fashionistas who already hit the streets like a catwalk. Each half day course is free for children up to 6 years old and starts at €50.00 per parent. 

Cookery Classes

Su Gologone’s gastronomic offer is famous for featuring traditional Sardinian dishes that are a rarity on menus of today, including a variety of handmade pasta with a special blend of herbs.

Guests have a once in a lifetime chance to take part in a unique cookery class with local women, where they can learn the secrets of pasta making from original recipes.

All set in the gorgeous courtyards of the hotel. Each cooking class is free for children up to 6 years old and starts at €50.00 per parent.

Outdoor Cult-Adventures

There’s so much to see, do and explore in Oliena, the beautiful untainted natural area of Sardinia in which Su Gologone hotel is located.

A specific itinerary that links together trekking and canoeing fun with archeological experience, to discover a beautiful pristine valley with a number of stunning karst caves such as Sa Oche and Su Bentu (between Oliena to Lanaittu on the Cedrino River).


And, since fun is never enough, back at the hotel little guests can also take part in an archeological treasure hunt, followed by a visit to the Art Museum in the city of Nuoro. Experience costs on request.

Farm Shepherds Experience

Sardinia is famous for farming animals and amazing cheeses well known around the world.

To highlight this authentic experience Su Gologone hotel organises excursions to a local farmhouse where guests can meet the farmer and discover his hard work, learn how to make local cheese and familiarize themselves with the farm’s animals (chickens, sheep and more) for a back to basic life. The experience includes a homemade snack at the farmhouse with the Sardinian mountain, Gennargentu, as a backdrop. Experience is free for children up to 6 years old and starts at €50.00 per parent.

The half terms experiences and special offers are valid from the 23rd April – 31st May (subject to availability) and exclude blackout dates and Bank Holiday weekends. Experiences to be paid separately and booked in advance. Children up to 12 years old stay for free in a Deluxe Family Room. Su Gologone hotel rates start at €127 per night/ double occupancy, bed and breakfast accommodation in a Classic Room.

About Hotel Su Gologone
Su Gologone hotel, situated in Oliena, is based on the traditions of this part of the world. The rooms are dedicated to great 20th century Sardinian artists, featuring traditional furnishings as well as handmade décor pieces such as cushions, jewels and paintings that can be bought at the various ‘Botteghe d’Arte’ workshops around the hotel.

And it’s at The Botteghe where guests can also take advantage of the presence of local skilled women to learn how to make their own pieces.

Su Gologone also hosts 20 different exhibitions through the rooms and common areas, which makes it an art hotel with even an Art Studio Suite, in which the special luxury annex is dedicated to art lovers looking for a special place to relax and encapsulate their emotions in art creations.

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