Celebrate The Holiday Season in New York City

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New York City at Christmas, glittering lights decorate every tree, hope is alive and the unexpected holiday feelings move strangers into random acts of kindness, the city lights up with multi-colored memories of Christmas’ past.

It’s Christmas time in the city! Tourists and locals alike find time to stop as carefully crafted ornate displays draw the attention away from the daily breakneck speed and life slows down for just a moment and the whirlwind of the holiday season pauses. Most take some time during the maddening rush to visit all things Christmas in New York.

Rockefeller Center is a holiday lover’s dream with wooden toy soldiers standing watch in the shadow of the tall buildings guarding the ice rink.

The pathway leading to the centerpiece of Manhattan’s Christmas extravaganza, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, is lined with Angels heralding the Good News.  T

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree, a 76 foot Norway Spruce from Shelton, Connecticut with over 45,000 blubs is topped with a 9 and one-half foot Swarovski Star, was lite during the annual tree-lighting ceremony December 4, 2013. The tree is on display 24 hours a day until January 9, 2014.

Throughout the city window dressers from Saks & Company to Macy’s Herald Square have created a canvas of holiday masterpieces on view for the thousands of seasonal shoppers and throngs of tourists who flock to the city during the Christmas season.

The magical touch of artistry that often goes unnoticed is predominately displayed with people waiting patiently to view the windows that at any other time are hurried past without notice.

FAO Schwartz at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue and the Toy ‘R’ Us store located in Times Square bring to life any child’s holiday vision. From Barbie’s to Transformers and everything in between the flagship store offers it all and a whole lot more.

For ice skaters, young and old, Manhattan has three ice rinks that are open to all. Bryant Park, in every season, offers a place to retreat for unusual sightings and happenings.

The Pond at Bryant Park offers an both indoor and outdoor café and a bazaar of upscale shops that provide gift ideas from The Muppets, Jim Henson’s gift to the generations, to an absolutely fabulous warm water hand treatment at Sabon with exclusive products of Israel made from Dead Sea salts guaranteed to delight the senses, sooth the mind and refresh the body.  

The Pond, in winter, is an ice skaters paradise with fewer people and less crowds. A great rink for the beginner and novice skaters to test their shaky legs and new skates. Bring a friend to watch the kids, take some time to shop, and enjoy the opportunity. There is no charge for skating at the Pond.

Rockefeller Rink is a tourist destination and with that the rink can, at times, be filled to capacity with time limits. Skaters beware. The novice and beginners may feel a bit paranoid with the amount of people and the fast speed as the experienced skaters perform simple feats that make the rest of us think of Olympic Gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi.

Wollman Rink in Manhattan’s Central Park is also a Mecca for the ice skating lover. The rink is nestled in Central Park just far enough away fROm the tall buildings to see the stars fill the sky on a cold winter night. The rink, recently renovated by New York icon Donald Trump, is known as the Trump Wollman Rink. The easiest entrance is 59th Street and Sixth Avenue. There is a fee for skate rental and entrance.

Manhattan creates a country home feel for tourists and city dwellers, who fight the definition of their life in the city, with frequent and quant Holiday Bazaars located at the entrance of Central Park on Columbus Circle, The Pond at Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal, Union Square (14th Street), and St. Bartholomew’s Church on Park Avenue.

Christmas in New York City, from Tribeca to the Upper West Side, becomes a dazzling season with lovely light displays, breathtaking winter beauty, sights, sounds and merriment for all.

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