North Pole Experience and Little America Hotel Partner to Usher in the Holidays

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As the holiday season marches upon us - I had the opportunity to speak with Santa's Ambassador, Scott Pace, who is hard at work in Flagstaff, AZ where he, along with his team of Elf University graduates are preparing a one of a kind gathering that includes a special appearances from Santa as he prepares for his annual round the world blast.


A family friendly destination, The North Pole Experience which is scheduled to begin shuttling visitors through the magical portal November 21, 2014, is the brain child of CEO and Founder of North Pole Experience, Scott Pace and his gift of imagination.

Guests are treated to a special visit to Area 47, just outside Area 51, home to the Secret Sleigh Hanger and mission control. Picked up at 
Little America Hotel, the official trolley departure station, guests are taken through the secret portal to the North Pole Experience (NPX) – Home of Santa’s Workshop and where Santa begins his annual magical trip around the world.

This one of a kind experience is an interactive adventure where families can tour Santa’s Sleigh Hanger, one of the two most top secret areas in Santa’s Workshop, and see Santa's Toy Hall of Fame, build toys with the elves in Santa's Toy Building Workshop, eat sugar cookies and drink snowman soup at Mrs. Claus’ Bakery, attend Elf University and so much more.

Begin the holiday season with Little America Hotel’s 20th annual lighting ceremony where the 500-acre property puts on the best display of Christmas lights in Arizona and arguably the best in the surrounding states.

Little America Hotel, Flagstaff, a boutique luxury property, has partnered with Pace and his North Pole Experience for the past two years.

Offering an encounter of rustic luxury nestled on 500 acres Little America is set against a backdrop of lush mountain landscaping. At 7,000 feet elevation, the grounds are expected to have a dusting of snow to add to the yuletide season.

On board with Santa and the Claus Family, Scott Pace is dedicated to bringing the joy of the holiday season to every person regardless of age and believes that every person who participates in the North Pole Experience will find something, see something that will take them back to the holidays they remember.

The Holiday Lights event, a gift from Little America Hotel, begins November 21, 2014 in Flagstaff with the annual lighting ceremony and continues through the end of December with the Holiday Lights remaining on through the New Year. 
The North Pole Experience, in association with Little America Hotel, begins November 21, 2014 and run through December 27, 2014.

Little America General Manager, Fred Reese advises to “Book early as The North Pole Experience sells out very early in the year.”

Over 40,000 visitors from all point around the globe and beyond are expected.

The information listed below can be found on the Little America website at

It is very important to book your NPX tickets prior to booking your lodging and meals to guarantee your desired NPX date.

Please note: Little America packages and hotel occupancy for North Pole Experience only represents 40% of guests that travel to North Pole Experience nightly. Please plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

North Pole Experience Meal and Lodging Package

Little America Hotel offers special lodging and meal packages for North Pole Experience guests which include: 
• A one-night stay at the Little America Hotel

• Little America’s lavish North Pole Experience dinner buffet

• The famous North Pole Experience breakfast with Santa buffet designed by Little America’s award-winning culinary team

The North Pole Experience sells out very early in the year. It is very important to book your NPX tickets prior to booking your lodging and meals to guarantee your desired North Pole Experience date. 

Little America Flagstaff - North Pole Experience Host Hotel and North Pole Experience Trolley Headquarters 

NOW BOARDING…Prepare for Christmas memories that will last a lifetime! 

The North Pole Experience 2014 season runs November 21 through December 27, 2014.

To book your North Pole Experience Meal and Lodging package with Little America, please click here or call 1-888-469-8819.

NPX Discounted Guestroom Rate (Rate does not include meals)

To Book The North Pole Experience Room Rate Only Click Here

Little America Meals Only: (Purchase A La Carte Meals)

If you are guest of the North Pole Experience that does not happen to be staying at the Little America Hotel with an North Pole Experience package, but would like to purchase the NPX Breakfast Buffet with Santa and/or the NPX Dinner Buffet at Little America please click on the link below to purchase meal only tickets.

Seating is limited and tickets must be purchased one week prior to the event date. Meal tickets will not be available for sale the day of the event.

There is limited availability for the meals and tickets will sell out.

Click here to purchase Breakfast Buffet with Santa

Click here to purchase North Pole Experience Dinner Buffet

On December 25th, Little America Hotel hosts a traditional Little America Holiday Champagne Brunch from 9AM – 2PM at the standard brunch price (Seating is first come, first served and wait time can be up to one-two hours)

To purchase tickets for Little America's Holiday Champagne Brunch on Christmas day, please click here. 

Breakfast with Santa Menu

North Pole Experience Dinner Buffet Menu

If you still have questions about the North Pole Experience? See NPX (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Happy Holidays to all!

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