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HYDROS Bottle - One World; One Bottle; One Purpose

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For many world citizens clean, refreshing dirnking water is an impossibility. Hydros Bottle, an inventive fast acting, reusable water bottle, wants to change that fact one bottle at a time and in the process assist in elminiating the impact of 1.5 billons tons of plastic waste.

Imagine drinking refreshing, thirst quenching, water anywhere in the world. For billions around the world it is impossible. Hydros Bottle filters tap water and simultaneously acts as a filter for a global social movement by eliminating the impact of the 1.5 billion tons of plastic waste generated every year from disposable plastic bottles.

Hydros Bottle, additionally, has answered the impending global water crisis challenge by creating Operation Hydros.  Operation Hydros works to build water infrastructure systems in countries where the need is the greatest. A percentage of the sale proceeds from each Hydros Bottle sold goes directly to Operation Hydros.

Winston Ibrahim, Co-founder/Chairman of HYDROS Bo, stated recently, "We are proud to say that 100% of the contributions made to this project have gone directly to on the ground costs in Sogoo Kenya. Over 500 people will shortly have access to water and sanitation, centered around a rain water catchment system under construction at the local school."

Currently, Operation Hydros will start working on Project Sogoo located in the Southern Rift Valley of Kenya.  The project involves the construction of a rainwater catchment system, gutter system, and 24 latrine toilets. Project Sogoo will serve approximately 500 people in the community of Sogoo where there is no reliable access to drinking water or sanitation.  

The Hydros Bottle is proudly made in the U.S.A. with Tritan® Plastic and BPA free materials with anti-microbial protection which helps prevents bacteria build-up. The convenient bottle provides a side fill port allowing tap water to flow into the bottle for complete filtration within 20 seconds.  This groundbreaking reusable water bottle is both eco friendly and cost effective and can save consumers over two hundred dollars annually while at the same time decreasing plastic bottle waste.

Join people around the world in honoring Earth Day and make a difference with the Hydros Bottle and Operation Hydros. One World; One bottle; One Purpose. 

To purchase a Hydros Bottle go to www.hydrosbottle.com.



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