Denver Documentary Collective Announces Production of Rolling Papers

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The Denver Documentary Collective (DDC) announced their latest project currently in production, ROLLING PAPERS, a feature documentary on cannabis culture in Colorado as told through The Denver Post's newest sub-site The Cannabist.

The ROLLING PAPERS team is comprised of directors Mitch Dickman of Listen Productions and producers Britta Erickson, Daniel Junge, Karl Kister, Alison Greenberg Millice and Katie Shapiro. Both Junge and Greenberg Millice won the Academy Award for best documentary short in 2012 for SAVING FACE.

"All of these filmmakers are the real deal," said Ricardo Baca, the Denver Post's marijuana editor and founder of The Cannabist. "They pitched us on the idea, and we talked about it throughout the newsroom. We know journalism, and we expressed our needs; They know filmmaking, and they expressed how compelling of a story is unfolding here."

Colorado is currently ground zero in the legalization movement and because the Denver Post has made such a commitment to pot coverage - both the positives and negatives - they are the perfect vehicle for the DDC to tell this story through as it unfolds. DDC first approached The Denver Post in December 2013 about making a film on the paper's pot-rooted journalism and began shooting on January 1, 2014.

"Working on CONVENTION in 2008 - a documentary in which Daniel was also a collaborator on - we took a similar approach to what we're doing with ROLLING PAPERS," says producer Britta Erickson. "In 2010, myself, Daniel and Ali started shooting a medical marijuana concept, which laid the groundwork for this project. To have exclusive access to the newsroom and reporters - who are truly the authority on this subject - will enable us to give audiences a different perspective the culture shift here in Colorado."

ROLLING PAPERS will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on April 20, 2014 in conjunction with Denver's largest 4/20 celebration in history. 

More About

Denver Documentary Collective (DDC) was founded in 2009 to produce diverse nonfiction motion pictures through dynamic storytelling in Colorado and beyond. The team is comprised of award-winning filmmakers Britta Erickson, Daniel Junge, Karl Kister, Allison Greenberg Millice and Katie Shapiro - all based in Denver, Colorado. Credits include: CONVENTION (2009), SAVING FACE (2012) and HANNA RANCH (2013).

Listen Productions is a Denver-based full-service media production company specializing in film, video and theater founded by award-winning producer and director Mitch Dickman. Listen Productions' credits include: feature film, HANNA RANCH; feature film, A TEST OF WILLS; Honduran travel show "Off the Radar;" short film, MORTAR; and stage production and Macbeth adaptation, "Wild West." The stage production and feature documentary film DNC MEDIAMOCKRACY received the "Best Multimedia" Ovation Award from The Denver Post.

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