ROSKINO To Launch First Moscow Film Commission

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Russia's cinema promotion body, ROSKINO, is set to announce the creation of the capital's first Moscow Film Commission (MFC). The agency offers filmmakers new streamlined permit, production and marketing services for those looking to shoot in Moscow.

Presented by Vladimir Filippov, Deputy Director for the Moscow Department of Culture, Katya Mtsitouridze, CEO ROSKINO and Evgeny Gerasimov, Head of the Commission for Culture and Mass Communications, the new body will support productions considering shooting in Europe's most populous city, and aim to increase Moscow's profile as a tourism destination.

Attracting more than 50 features annually, including international blockbusters such as Bourne Supremacy and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol and domestic hits The Irony of Fate 2 and Thank You For Being Alive, Russia's capital is a thriving centre for film production.

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The newly formed MFC will assist and advise international film-makers who are interested in filming in Moscow and providing advanced, streamlined permit, production and marketing services, including:

  1. Location scouting
  2. Venues for casting calls
  3. Safety and security management
  4. Obtaining necessary permits for street closures and parking restrictions
  5. Public service advertising

Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin said of the move: "I am convinced that today's Moscow very much deserves being featured in movies. The Moscow Film Commission will help organise shooting in Moscow, overcome administrative barriers, and provide consulting services for filmmakers globally. We will be happy to welcome international film crews to Moscow streets this year".

The MFC has secured the support of ROSKINO, which will be providing the new agency with marketing expertise.

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ROSKINO CEO Katya Mtsitouridze said: "I'm very happy that Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has personally endorsed ROSKINO's initiative and greenlit the creation of the Commission. With the support from Alexander Kibovskiy and his Department of Culture, we'll be promoting Moscow as a location for film and TV crews both from Russia and abroad, while also building a convenient and useful infrastructure to make our beloved city more attractive for media professionals. As long as promotional efforts are systematic and the Moscow Film Commission functions efficiently, our city has every chance to become a popular and sought-after destination for filmmakers from all over the world."

Alexander Kibovsky, Head of the Moscow Department of Culture said the Moscow Film Commission will also aid in boosting the city's profile internationally.

"Over the past five years, Moscow has undergone a complete makeover, it now has a number of well-groomed parks; newly created public spaces; renovated squares, streets, and boulevards; the historical center has been overhauled; and new, modern neighborhoods have sprung up across the city. The Russian capital now hosts major events in economics, athletics, and culture. In 2018, the city will play host to the World Cup. We have a vested interest in seeing the modern Moscow on film as often as possible and want it to be captured by filmmakers both local and foreign."

Special guests in attendance included Sigmund Elias Holm, Vice-chairman of AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International); Arie Bohrer, Head of Advisory Board, European Film Commission Network; Pierre-Emmanuel Lecerf, Directorate of European & Internationals Affairs, CNC; Valérie Lépine-Karnik, CEO of Film France, the French Film Commission and Michel Gomez, Head of Mission Cinéma Paris.

For further information on the Moscow Film Commission please visit


ROSKINO plays a key role in assisting the country's filmmakers and producers with their commercial releases abroad, promoting Russian films at major international film festivals, markets, and awards, and working to facilitate co-operation and participation in the opposite direction by encouraging International filmmakers to venture to Russia's own festivals and events.


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