iPhone X Extras – A Review of Cases, Buds and Docking Stations

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With Streetinsider.com reporting Apple sold nearly 6 million iPhone X units over Black Friday weekend, as calculated by an analyst with Rosenblatt Securities, and another 30million for Christmas, complimenting the new unit is the next gold rush.

Given each new iPhone model launch ushers in an abundance of equipment and accessories hell-bent on helping users make the most of their prized smartphone, I got to wondering what extras are on tap for the eagerly anticipated iPhone X.

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In the event that your own curiosity is piqued just the same, or if you’re one of the multi-millions of customers for whom iPhone X marks the spot in your heart (and wallet), here’s an array of accouterments that can help ensure smartphone satisfaction for any X-phile.

******** POWER ********

ALLDOCK USB Charging Station (www.Alldock.com) - Starting at $129.00

The ALLDOCK is a multi-port USB charging station that offers consumers a piece of technology that looks like anything but, allowing them to embrace their electronics and avoid the cable chaos. This interior design-friendly gadget gives users the ability to charge all devices you’re your iPhone X, as well as other smartphones and tablets, all in one place. Accessory add-ons include a docking mount for the Apple Watch, Fitbit Wearables, Apple Pencil and Apple AirPods (more charging add-ons are to be released the company says). It offers all around compatibility for both wireless and quick charge phones, and delivers a 40% quicker charge as compared to using a standard charger. ALLDOCK is available in two sizes and is offered in various premium materials such as Bamboo, Walnut and Aluminum.

Skyroam Solis (www.SkyRoam.com) - $149.99

Skyroam Solis is a dual 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot and power bank. It satisfies the most significant needs of travelers with super-fast LTE speeds, long-lasting battery and mobile charging that will keep users powered-up all day long. Skyroam service seamlessly connects users with mobile WiFi on-the-go through its proprietary global WiFi network that’s powered by patented virtual SIM (vSIM) technology. With instant access to secure, unlimited data in over 100 countries, Skyroam Solis offers the convenience of going from one country to another without configuring local SIMs, updating plans, or incurring roaming charges or overage fees. Plus, it’s shareable on up to five devices simultaneously.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base (www.Mophie.com) - $59.95

Mophie makes charging your iPhone easier than ever. This wireless charging base includes the latest Qi technology and delivers fast charging speeds of up to 7.5W to your phone on contact. In fact, it delivers safe charging speeds 50% faster than standard wireless chargers. The non-slip finish ensures perfect placement, and the included wall adapter means you get everything you need right in the box to start charging right away. The wireless capability also allows users to be clutter-free and take the base with them while they’re out and abut; making it a portable option for those indelibly on-the-go.

Tech Armor ActivePower External Battery Dual USB Power Bank (www.TechArmor.com) - $39.99

Compact and lightweight, the Tech Armor 6000mAh Power Bank will boost your smartphone's battery life, ensuring you’re charged up for your entire day. You'll get not just one, but two full charges for your smartphone. And, it boasts a built-in flashlight. The Power Bank also has dual USB ports to charge two devices at once, such as a phone and a tablet. Tech Armor’s high performance ActivePower external battery packs use only the highest quality, Grade A Korean battery cells available on the market. With four models to meet anyone's power needs, Tech Armor ActivePower series his sure to have something for you. This 6000 model is covered by a hassle-free two-year warranty. The company even says that they are committed to your satisfaction and will send you free replacements for defective or unsatisfactory product.

Ventev Mobile Powercell Chargers (MobileAccessories.Ventev.com) - $54.99 - $74.99

Ventev Mobile's Powercell 6000+ is a useful device for frequent travelers who hate carrying multiple chargers to keep all of their gadgets and gear juiced up. The Powercell 6000+ is a 6000mAh, dual output portable backup battery that provides a full 25 hours of talk, 18 hours of Internet, 20 hours of video or 100 hours of audio playback power. It features 1A and 2.1A ports that allow for optimal and simultaneous charging of phones and tablets, and built-in folding AC prongs that make recharging the battery extremely easy. Also from Ventev Mobile is the Powercell 3015c, a 3000mAh portable battery with a built-in Apple Lightning cable. The slim, wallet-sized device provides 12 additional hours of talk time and features an on/off button with LED battery indicator light. The attached cable eliminates the need to carry around pesky removable cords to charge your devices while on-the-go.

******** AUDIO ********

Tech Armor Premium Lightning Earbuds (www.TechArmor.com) - $49.99

Tech Armor Premium Lightning mFi-Certified Earbuds with mic not only offer superior audio quality, but also an extra charge port for simultaneous charge and functionality. They’ll let you charge your iPhone while you talk! They work with any lightning connected phone, such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. They’re also compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 / 10.5 / 9.7 and iPad Air / Mini models with an eight-pin lightning connection. These earbuds enable you to enjoy rich music and clear calls on your iPhone or iPad while charging it simultaneously. And, the sound quality is great. Using high quality audio drivers, these earbuds deliver deep base and crisp tones. And its inline MEMS microphone boasts an omni-directional pickup for clear voice recognition during calls. Inline audio controls allow you to answer/end calls, play/pause music and videos, or adjust the volume up or down without having to touch your phone. If your device doesn’t offer a headphone jack, there’s also the Lightning connector.

PodPocket (www.PodPockets.com) - $19.95

The PodPocket is designed with the Apple customer in mind; those who appreciate both form and function. The pocket is precision-molded from high grade silicone to provide a secure fit for the AirPods’ charging case, and with a design that complements Apple’s signature aesthetic. It comes with a premium key ring and clasp so that it can be attached to a bag or keychain, and the open access along the bottom allows charging while the AirPods are still in the system. It was clearly created with protection, security and style top-of-mind.

******** PROTECTION ********

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X (www.TechArmor.com) - $7.99

Designed specifically for the Apple iPhone X and its new display, the Tech Armor Case-Friendly Ballistic Glass Screen Protector does not interfere with the sensors on the iPhone X and features a polished, rounded 2.5D edge to reduce chipping. Made from the highest-grade Japanese Asahi glass, the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector helps protect the glass smartphone face against accidental drops and scratches. Its strong, rainbow-free adhesive clings to the iPhone X display seamlessly for a blissfully bubble-free installation.

The Cellairis Bundle (www.Cellairis.com) - Starting at $49.00

The Cellairis Bundle offers complete screen protection system for your device, providing peace-of-mind without the hassle of insurance programs, deductibles and expensive repairs. With one easy purchase, customers can select a device-protecting Cellairis Rapture case from a range of stylish options, a Shell Shock Tempered Glass screen protector, and the guarantee of complimentary, unlimited screen repairs for three years with the “Never Pay Guarantee”. All of this is included as part of The Cellairis Bundle. Relative to the Cellairis Rapture Phone Case, itself, the certified military spec drop protection slim case includes an inner silicone core to absorb shocks from bumps and drops. It also features an exterior polycarbonate shell that will protect your device from cuts, scrapes, bruises and potential knockouts. The case offers complete access to all ports and functions, while also featuring accented metal buttons and badges; plus a smooth, metallic textured finish. 

Nodus Shell Cases (www.NodusCollection.com) – $66.00

The all new third generation Access Case for iPhone X from Nodus is an elegant, full top grain vegetable-tanned Italian leather (ethically sourced) portfolio case with a soft microfiber lining. Folded edged provide added durability. With it, you can magnetically dock your iPhone X anywhere while in this slim and stylish leather shell. The magnetic Micro Dock is small enough to be mounted just about anywhere and more than capable of docking the iPhone (in Shell Case) securely, even in rough driving conditions. The built in Magsure Magnetic Shielding protects the iPhone from magnetic interference, allowing all apps and features to continue to work perfectly. Qi recommend removing all cases from the iPhone to enable wireless charging. Featuring a shock absorbing polycarbonate core, covered buttons and a raised lip over the screen to protect from light bumps and scratches.

Skinit Waterproof & Folio Cases (www.Skinit.com) - Starting at $44.99

Head on into the water without worrying about your glass body iPhone X getting damaged or ruined with the Skinit iPhone X Waterproof Case. With this case, you are able to enjoy your favorite water activities stress-free, as it’ll protect your iPhone X and its new 5.8" OLED Super Retina display from the water up to a depth of two meters. The iPhone X Folio Case is made with high grade faux-leather and features a premium vivid ink-infused printing process. This specifically designed case offers a three-card holder, a TPU-insert that cradles your iPhone and an inner-pocket for you to conveniently store your cash and I.D.

Toast Real Wood Covers (www.ToastMade.com) - $34
Thinner than a case and more robust then a skin, Toast’s adhesive-based covers brings grip and protection to iPhone X but without sacrificing the elegant form and "pocketability" of the device. Each cover is crisply laser cut for a precise fit and hand finished to bring out the individual grain patterns inherent in each piece of veneer. The unique and handcrafted covers protect the iPhone X’s glass front and back from nicks and scratches. Toast’s covers are available in three beautiful real wood choices, and are fully customizable with options ranging from engraving, cutouts and contrasting wood inlays for your personalized images or sayings. They make your phone unique while still celebrating the shape and elegance of this revolutionary new design.

PureGear GlassBak 360 Case for iPhone X (www.Pure-Gear.com) - $39.99

For those who like simplicity, this is the case for you. PureGear GlassBak 360 Case is a minimalist case with all-around protection. Its tempered glass back mimics the look of the new iPhone X, keeping it slim and without added bulk. Its aluminum bumper gives you a good grip, and its front/back raised lip provide extra protection. There’s also the 360-degree bumper design for additional protection from accidental spills. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited one year warranty.

iPhone X Cases from Silk (www.SilkSmartish.com) - Starting at $11.99

The Vault Slim Wallet case lets you ditch the wallet and go slim. Silk calls it “Wallet Slayer” Vol.1 because it stores your I.D., credit cards, and cash securely against your phone. With ultra-light and durable construction, your iPhone X remains both thin AND protected. Silk’s Folio Wallet is a bold trifecta of slim design, stylish aesthetic, and versatile functionality. It easily holds four cards, cash, plus anything else you can wedge in the pockets. The Folio Wallet uses subtle Saffiano textured fabric. Fully surrounding your phone with a security strap, the case feels like a stylish bear hug for your iPhone. This case also folds into a kickstand to prop up your device Or you can ditch the wallet and go lean with Silk’s Q Card Case, The Wallet Slayer Vol.2 for the new iPhone. The Q Card serves up ultra-light, thin protection with high-grip textured sides to avoid those terrifying phone drops. With a credit card kickstand, the Q Card Case uses a card to prop up your phone for easy video watching. When protection comes first, go Guardzilla. Its soft-touch rubber grips keep your phone securely in your hands. It also features a carbon-fiber holographic look with an inlaid crystalized pattern.

The included tempered glass screen protector has been heated to 1,100 degrees for protection. Another option is the PureView Case with a smooth touch and cool holographic look. The corner air-pockets function somewhat as airbags for your iPhone, protecting the device from drops. Finally, the Base Grip case has textured sides that keeps the phone securely in your hands. An ultra-light, thin profile meets durable construction for this case that’s both super skinny but protective. It safely elevates your iPhone’s screen off the table to prevent scratching.

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******** OTHER STUFF ********

Tech Armor 3-in-1 USB Charging Cable (www.TechArmor.com)

Many people can’t travel with their phone, tablet, Kindle, laptop and a host of other devices. With all these gadgets also comes a mess of tangled cables. The Tech Armor 3-in-1 USB Charging Cable lets you unify your charging. With three connectors--USB-C, Lightning (mFi-certified for Apple) and Micro USB--all attached to one cable, it’ll cut down on clutter and ensure you have what you need, when you need it. The unique, interlocking design allows for an easy switch between devices across multiple platforms, while the braided, nylon jacket helps ensure it’ll stand the test of time. Whether in your home or office or out and about, this high-quality cable combines fast, efficient charging with maximum durability and portability. Tech Armor's high performance braided cables use only the highest quality components, from Oxygen Free Copper conductors to custom designed connectors. The company backs this up with a limited lifetime replacement warranty on all cables to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

PureGear PureSwitch Wireless Smart Plug (www.Pure-Gear.com) - $49.99

While this tech item is really for your home, the fact that this device can be fully controlled by iPhone X qualifies it for a mention here since it’s a really handy tool. It’s PureGear’s PureSwitch—a wireless smart plug that’s perfect for any smart home enthusiast or anyone who’s always too tired to get up and turn off the lights. With it, you can switch on/off electronics and other household appliances like lamps, space heaters, and fans from anywhere, all with your iPhone. It works with HomeKit, meaning you can use Apple’s Home App on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch or with Siri. It will also work with the upcoming Apple HomePod. Space-efficient, PureSwitch doesn't block other wall outlets. It features a built-in USB port to charge another device at the same time. You can establish and control custom zones like a basement or entire downstairs to control multiple appliances in different areas in the house.


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