Europe Strong - Still and Always

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If Brexit was able to threaten the unity of the European Union, it appears three years after the British referendum the political Europe knew how to preserve its initial design by sending back Britain to its contradictions.

Many, pro-European as Eurosceptics, or even outright anti-European, Britain's exit from the European Union as a test of which the community set up in 1957 would not recover. And some point out the risks inherent in this exit, negotiated in the name, advancing the risk of seeing emancipatory fever spread throughout the Union. And it is clear that it was nothing.

Admittedly, between the British referendum of June 2016 and the planned exit on March 29, the political face of Europe has changed. The elections brought to Austria, Hungary and Italy, the founding countries for the latter governments not inclined to govern alongside Brussels, or even to question the democratic foundations of the European Union but none to date has openly and officially asked for his exit from the Union.

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Although the latter may have heavy aspects, it nonetheless remains a carrier of advances and advantages that ultimately weigh more than the disadvantages, and majority governments or populist coalitions have understood this very well. despite criticisms or threats against the European Union.

Shockwave and Maturity

What does he think of this Brexit that now seems ineluctable although several rescue plan seem to emerge without being akin to real solutions? However, it appears that three years after the shock wave of the British result, Europe is almost out of this test.

To be convinced of this, it suffices to look into the negotiations that have begun once the British decision on the withdrawal has been ratified. The European Union has negotiated firmly, step by step with the British to give birth to the best possible agreement, hear that preserves the fundamental and original European principles without neglecting the British aspirations.

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Some people say, which is quite rare in the history of the European Union, that it has shown maturity, understanding that the individual interests of the countries composing the whole, even if powerful, could not take the top on European ambition.

By allowing Britain to leave the European Union, and leaving to its destiny a country often turbulent, always iconoclastic and shared for three centuries between its continent of origin and the open sea, understand the United States of America for historical, linguistic and economic reasons, the European Union has given the image of a political whole coherent with its history and faithful to its convictions by sending the British and in particular the members of the House of Commons to their responsibilities: Accept or not the proposed agreement, we will not compromise anymore.

Emancipation and Collateral Damage

With this new political and diplomatic stature, the European Union today has all the cards in hand to draw its future while sending an unequivocal message to those who would like to leave: We will not sell off our collective ambitions to satisfy the special interests of countries in need of emancipation.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Bad Boy Alexander Banalla

Thus, the European Union does not prohibit any people to leave its ranks but precise, Brexit in support, that the departure will not be free of collateral damage. Often bragged for its inertia and heaviness, the European Union has shown during the last three years a rigor and a firmness that few imagined capable a fortiori the British partisans of the withdrawal which by their deputies opposed to the proposed agreement.

By wishing to preserve its European design, by acting as an adult and responsible political group, the European Union has gained credibility on an international scale without ever disuniting itself or offering the spectacle of countries in dissonance with the original ambitions.

After the Brexit test, and whatever may be the future of relations between Great Britain and the European Union, with or without a treaty, whether postponed or not, applied or not, Europe has gained in power. Now she has to exploit it with accuracy, audacity and intelligence.


Bio: Olivier Longhi has an extensive background in European History, a seasoned journalist with fifteen years’ experience, he is currently a professor of history and geography in the Toulouse region of France. He has held varies positions within the publishing field including head of agency and chief of publishing. A journalist, recognized blogger, columnist and editorial project manager he has trained and directed editorial teams, worked as a journalist for various local radio stations, a press and publishing consultant and communication consultant.


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