Terror Exploitation - The Newest Form of Hollywood Bashing

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London Has Fallen, recently released from Focus Features, depicts the world’s worst case scenario in the war on terror, an all-out assault on London, unprecedented since the time Hitler’s Blitzkrieg rolled across Europe, in an attempt to murder the leaders of the G7.

Is London Has Fallen terror exploitation? Yes. It is. The writers, in their defense had the scripts and filming completed long before headlines mirrored the storyline and premises. In fact, if a full media junket had been held, events mirroring the recent death of Justice Scalia would not have been thought of as odd, as he hadn’t passed away then.

Living in the 1950’s, a black and white time, when loyalties were cemented. Betrayal of government wasn’t considered. The only threat was the fear of a nuclear bomb annihilation from our enemies the Russians.

Those days are obviously over Our global threat is the terrorist, the disgruntled and disenfranchised citizen of any and every nationality.

Variety, the industry trade, and self-proclaimed North Star guide, has condemned the movie from the gate labeling it racist, enforcing islamophobia and even better “reactionary fear-mongering.”

Maybe they don’t know where ISIS is headquartered. Or possibly they have missed the weekly reports from the President on Iran, Iraq, Syria and the millions of refugees that are attempting to find freedom. Caucasian, white blue eyed Nordics are missing.

Also in the defense of London Has Fallen, no sitting or campaigning politician ever labeled any film that dealt with September 11, 2001 and the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center as exploitation.

So what is it about London has Fallen that has campaigning presidential candidate screaming “Terror Exploitation?”

Why not the Bourne Identity films?  Clearly they exploit the clandestine programs often associated with the pentagon global security programs.

Also London Has Fallen Review - An Electrifying, High Body Count, Thrill Ride

Oddly, it is the toney intellectual, the opinion shapers in the world who are venturing out of the glass windowed towers to mingle with the movie going public and shake their spindly finger the often perceived parents as we the self-determined want to enjoy watching the terrorists of the world get what is coming to them.

What has caused the pundits of the world, those who usually reserve their very informed opinions for a soundbite that reverberates, bouncing off cable towers around the globe to weigh in on terror exploitation? The mirror of reality and of course, fear. Fear that ISIS has been grossly underestimated, fear that these events could, in reality, happen.

I think the premise of the film, the actual explosions and there are many, the well-coordinated terror attack which has its roots in any successful military campaign has caused a collective hush followed by a quickly researched and voiced opinions warning the mass this film is propaganda for the enemy. Terror exploitation, hating, war mongering, rhetoric to achieve a desired purpose. Manipulation. Success is in the details.

Donald Trump condemned London Has Fallen as Terror Exploitation. As someone who made a staggering amount of money from television and Hollywood, in fact, before the success of The Apprentice, Mr. Trump was in and out of bankruptcy court.

His wealth has exponentially increased, in fact he bought up the entire west side of Manhattan from the huge salary, fees, merchandising and other relationship perks from his very successful television show. His comments on the state of current films and Hollywood is akin to biting the hand that seriously fed him.

Donald Trump’s comments addresses a disgruntled demographic across America that has a contempt for Hollywood based in jealousy and the "can never be" belief. Hollywood, with all its issues, and there are many, glaring and often causing deep  division, does not want to revisit its recent past.

Trump seems intent on lifting a troubled Hollywood as a beacon to the demographic in America that sees wanton sex (everyone is a whore until proven otherwise), indulgent drug use (Legalization notwithstanding, Cocaine and other mind bending psychedelics) is rampant, and of course the substantial fees gathered by the masses and horded like the King’s ransom, while the rest of the world suffers in poverty.

Mr. Trump, in his effort to be elected will exploit every key issue that brings voters to the booth and punches his name on the ballot. Hollywood is one of those issues.

Terrorism and Homeland Security, clearly, a top concern for American citizens, is palpable ground for the demagogue presidential hopeful cum business leader  

Drilling down on this issue, and any others, of terror exploitation by Hollywood, is the beginning of Mr. Trump's campaign to root out every possible voter, those disgruntled, could have been a contender, the financially despondent who see Hollywood as the never ending tap, the ATM that never runs out and never closes.

In order to bring home this issue Mr. Trump’s concern, over London Has Fallen, seems to be on the verge of resurrecting the House on Un-American Activities Committee and pursuing those which if one listens closely one can hear the echoes from the past as committee member’s rhetoric, modernized, shows up with in accusatory statements pronouncing guilt on the industry for the creation of art.

The creation of Art that exploits a season in history, as did the many, so many it would be redundant to name all the films that take a piece of history, good or bad, and rework the details to create a cinematic experience.

It is a sad day when art, and I wonder if walking through Trump’s opulent properties if one would stumble on artwork that would cause a collective pause and wonderment has he proudly boasts of the work, “Bleu sur Toile” "Blue on Canvas" or some other postmodern assemblage of junk piece with its jaw dropping price tag and wonder he paid how much for That?

London Has Fallen gives the world the ending it wants. An FYI, the world doesn’t want palm branch diplomacy with terror groups. They want swift, permanent and effective action. The public wants the terror groups to experience annihilation. A rooting out, a complete destruction of the groups that have inflicted mass casualty on the citizens of the world. 

And right now, the only place they get that satisfaction is on the big screen, exacted in the fashion and manner, we the people want. We want the terrorists dead. We want them dead for Paris, for every attack everywhere, for James Foley, for every heinous act perpetrated against the people of the world.  For the World Trade Center. For Charlie Hebdo, for simply the idea that they believe they can bring the knife to an American citizen or any of our allies anywhere in the world and walk away unscathed.

So if all we get right now is Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart exacting revenge for us, then so be it. Stand and cheer someone is doing it.

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